Today I would like to show you some photos of waterfalls. To see waterfalls in Sydney, to best place to go to is of course the Blue Mountains. Here, the mountain landscape and the many rivers and streams running within the area means that waterfalls are a common site. However, since the rivers and streams in the area have limited width and flow, don’t expect to see grand waterfalls like the Niagara Falls or the Victoria Falls. Rather, expect elegant drops that are modest, smooth, and beautifully scenic.




There are many hikes in the area that lead you to different waterfalls. The waterfalls within the forest is usually tiny. If it has been dry for a couple of days, you might see limited flow of water dripping onto the ground below, so go after a rainy period for a much better effect. On such days you will see streams smoothly drop across naturally formed stone steps, forming water curtains that gently splashes onto a small puddle of water below. Some slopes are so gentle that the water simply glide downstream, the burbling sound mixed with the chirping sounds of the song birds and the rustling sound of leaves in the canopy to create a tranquil symphony. Watching and listening to these waterfalls is a mesmerizing and relaxing experience.









Larger waterfalls can be found close to the cliffs and open spaces where the altitude drop is sharper and the lack of protection by plants and roots means that the drops are usually wider with a faster flow, resulting to more dramatic falls. These falls rushes down the side of the mountain, smashing into deep reservoirs below. They look especially dramatic after the rain, when the waterfall flows with full force.




One of the more famous waterfalls in the area is the Wentworth falls, which drops down the side of the cliff for a 187 m to the rocky landscape below. You can hear the roar of the waterfall at quite a distance away, and at the right angle, large rainbows can be seen from the water sprays that strays from the rocky cliff. Very majestic.




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