I heard that Lego's flagship store had been landed in Shanghai and I always wanted to visit it. Today, I finally got the chance to go to this store, which is Asia's first city-center store on East Nanjing Road, Shanghai.


The flagship store was located in Shimao International Square. At the entrance of the square, you could see the word "I love SH" made of Lego blocks, two Lego people were on both sides with a lively face and movement, which made me looking forward to the artworks inside the store.

旗舰店位于世茂国际广场内,在广场门口就能看到乐高积木拼搭出来的“I love SH”字样,两个乐高小人分在两侧,惟妙惟肖,让我对店里面的作品更加充满期待。


The whole store was divided into two floors, and the entrance was on the second floor of the mall. In the entrance you could see a variety of famous attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, leaning Tower of Pisa and so on.




In the center of the 2nd floor there was a miniature model of the future city. In my eyes, it was magnificent. This city mode was equipped with ribbons in many places with LED lamp belt filled in it, showing a high-technology city panorama.



In the opposite of the miniature city model, it was a Statue of Liberty. Due to the fragmented Lego blocks, this statue had a very strong 3D stereo effect, which was quite amazing.



What surprised me most was this Lego dragon hovering over a white column. The red dragon crosses the first floor ceiling and appeared in the second floor with its sharp tusks, it was ready to attack anyone under the command of the evil master in the tower. The concave and convexity of the Lego block was used perfectly to depict the dragon's flaming squama. In the first floor, you could also see the huge dragon tail, the whole dragon was perfectly integrated in the space like it had always been there.




Another treasure of the store was the stair wall of Nanjing Road Walking Street. This pixel wall truly restored the century-old shops in the pedestrian street. What’s more, there were many small people in the pixel buildings, who seemed to look out of the window and said hello to us. This reminded me of a poem made by Bian Zhilin - a famous Chinese poet: you look at the scenery on the bridge, and the people in the window are looking at you. This reflected the golden idea of Lego model designer.



In addition, the store also had a vivid model of "Oriental Pearl TV Tower". Besides, there was a popular model showing a carter pulling a rickshaw. Many children sat on the rickshaw to take photos. What was even more surprising, the rickshaw pole also had a switch, when someone touched, the carter spoke: Do you want to sit? At the same time, his facial expression also changed. What an amazing model!



There is so much fun in it that it is not only a store, but also a paradise for all ages. However, I have to say that Lego toys are really expensive.


Finally I will leave an Easter egg: can anyone guess what is the Lego model below? The first one who has the right answer, I will reward him 1 steem. Thank you!

最后留下一个彩蛋:下面的乐高模型是什么人物呢?最先答对的小伙伴,我会奖励他1 steem。


All photos without marking sources in this article were taken by me.
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