My apologize for bringing the Day 2 adventure of my trip down to Lansdawne so late . The trip taken last year to get rid of the city busy life and escaping effort from the scorching summer heat. As I shared earlier on our Day 1 adventure, after the hectic day of roaming and enjoying some cool weather, we settled in our room and soon fall asleep....Read here about Day 1.

However, we were bit scared at night. It was due to some warning from local people. As we sat down on the road side after the dinner, few passing by people warned us of Leapord attack. Leopard usually strays out from the hill and attack the local people. Listening to some of the stories, we straight away went to our hotel room, rather than venturing at night. I was very curious to explore the place and didn't slept well, I was waiting for the sun to come out which allows me to go out and enjoy the hill station.

It was 5 AM when I woke up and left the bed. I soon taken shower and get ready to walk out. I checked with my friends and none of them were interested. The hangover or tiredness can't say. So it was me all alone on the narrow lane of Lansdawne. In Morning I decided to go the other side of the place. When I went out of the hotel, a dense fog greeted me.

Sun was trying to come out however the fog stopping them to dazzle. The weather was awesome, with cool breeze and most. There is different kind of silence on the street. The thought of Leopard attack do make stop a bit, but I keep moving and enjoying the lanes of Lansdawne.

There were kind of steep slope and many vehicles were parked alongside road. There were hardly any people visible so early in the morning. I think it was the best time to explore such unknown places. I kept moving and enjoying the weather. I looked upward and it was very foggy all over. Sun still not came out completelly.

After walking good 5-6 kilometre, I heard long sound bells. Kind of temple nearby and morning prayers were going on. Somehow I met a women on the road and she told me there is a ancient Shiva temple nearby. My excitement get to another level. I moved towards the sound of the bells. But I couldn't found out the temple. However, a Red streak line behind the fog found my attention.

On getting closer, I noticed, it was a staircase, going further downward towards the wild hill areas. The Bell sound was coming from that direction only. The stairs were very long,may be good 100-120 steps. It was kind of nowhere in between the jungle.

Clouds, Fog, Hills and awesome weather. The things getting more exciting and I was getting more pumped to offer prayers to Shiva temple early in the morning. I started to get down all alone on those stairs. The sound of bells started to get louder. And soon I found myself inside the temple compound. Small temples and few priest to offer prayers. At that time only 3 people were present in the temple compoum. The compound which was not visible from top still exist down the hill.

It was indeed an old temple, I found a different kind of peace altogether spending few min within the compound. A good place for sages to meditate right down the hill. After offering prayers, I felt like I accomplished something early in the morning. The walk which was started just to explore the place becomes a good adventure of the Shiva temple. I rejuvenated myself and with no further delays I walked towards my hotel.

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