stef1 @stef1October 2018

That was really interesting insider look, it is still looking like summer up in Innbsruck, everyone must enjoyed it very well, seeing the tourists in short sleeved clothes and shorts. I can imagine what you mean with bicycles and tram rails, it is very well known problem and it is a truth that this is very dangerous, especially being a student people do not pay much attention, busy or late to their classes and of course such things happen more often in rainy days, winter when the metal covered with ice too.

I bet the hotels were fully occupied and the restaurants had a good amount of guests. You are right Pizza is one of the most favorable food, easy just warm it up and ready to eat. I love pizza and when on holiday that is the one what we buy or order.

Thank you for such beautiful pictures and your comments and I love the story about that little boy and a policewoman, very sweet :)


Haha I've broken my wriste exactly as you said - being late to class. Funny enough it was actually exam :D

And weather is NUUUUUTS here! Today it was just 10 degrees here and mountains are full of snow :D It really is crazy here hahaha :D