The Gardens of Ephrussi de Rothschild - pt.4 (Provence, France)

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My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece. – Claude Monet

As said by Monet, Baroness Béatrice de Rothschild is said to have created one herself in her garden as well. The Baroness was no first timer to having extravagant things, surely would've wanted to make sure her villa and the garden surrounding the property is unmistakably on point. Her villa (my previous post on the villa) is a masterpiece all on its own, but why not make it a dream by adding a heavenly garden in the backyard?

The Baroness designed the garden to be as fantastical with dancing fountains, lights to light up during the nighttime, and statues greeting in various places. A total of 8 gardens are decorated, all in a different theme, making the garden a walk in different cultures and faunas from all over the world.

The French Garden

This is the first garden you see once you step out from the villa. Welcomed by a grand fountain synced with the tempos of the flowing music, the French Garden is romanticism at its peak. Roses planted throughout, and bushes cut in angles squares partitioning off different areas of the garden, making one impressive design when seen from a bird's eyes view. Adding to the fairytale feel of the place, white marble statues are placed throughout the garden combining nature and art pieces.

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The Spanish Gardens

Just like the vibrant interior of Spanish homes, the garden is paved with Spanish colonial colors, creating a rustic look throughout the place. A small pond is creating in the middle in sky blue, as while drooping flowers hang over the water mirroring itself in the reflection below.

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Florentine Garden

Imagining Italy, a neoclassical angel statue is placed underneath the U-shaped staircase. But the most memorable aspect of this garden is the view that is wide open across from the garden, overseeing the French Riviera. The sunset shining light across the balcony is dreamy.

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The Stone Garden

In a darker shade of tone, the stone garden lets the vines and leaves overgrow onto the stone walls and statues placed along the garden. Although it isn't captured on camera, the bas relief's gargoyle and gnomes peer through the leaves.

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The Japanese Garden

Reimagining Zen in the garden, the harmony is created by water flowing throughout and traditional stone pavilions lay around the place. Just like one of the rock gardens in Kyoto, the pebbles and stones have been laid out creating a smooth surface, with ripple effects from larger stones disturbing the peace.

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The Exotic Garden

Succulents and cacti that you would never have imagined to be found in France, is planted all over the garden. Even during my visit in Autumn, the plants were luscious and well tended to showing no trace of having trouble in the cold climate. I've only had the opportunity to see such large prickly plants in California, where the weather is much warmer for these cacti to thrive.

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The Rose & Provencal Gardens

During the warmer months, these two gardens are blossoming with flowers and adorned with the scent. Roses, lavenders, pine trees hug the floor beds beneath, coloring the place. Although there weren't much roses and lavender in bloom, we could only imagine the wonder of the place coupled with the sea beyond the garden.

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enter image description here

The Villa and Garden Ephrussi de Rothschild was a splendid visit in between our travels from Nice to Monaco. The stop albeit being in the wrong weather for visiting gardens was still unexpected during our travels. The gardens aren't too long of a walk, so it is highly recommended for families with children to visit.

The details

Address : Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
1 Avenue Ephrussi de Rothschild, 06230 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

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