I wanted to find a nice place to take a shot of the beach and the waves - but instead, I found these little cuties. They didn't mind the wind nor rain that has been showering on and off through the day. I did, but still while most of the colleagues went for a beer and bowling I was enjoying these scenes, well that part about enjoying is about to get a bit worrying.

How and why? Stay with me.

The rain started to fall again very hard, these two rascals hopped off somewhere, and I decided to move from the open and start following one path that goes into trees and find some kind of shelter.
These strange trees provided decent cover, but still not good enough.



And then... I reached the plateau at the top, with this thing that reminds me of some kind of beast lair. I was just waiting to stumble on some bones and some kind of mythical creature to pop up - luckily or not, it didn't happen and I found several more of these lairs later on.


Where next?

Follow the green tunnel - I reached the old meteorological station (which reminded me of Lost - very nice show) but it was impossible to take any "normal" picture of it. So I went through another, smaller and less claustrophobic green tunnel, and there I had another encounter with the hippity hop bigger creature this time.


After meeting with my furry friends, and a nice stare I went back to the path following the shore and rocks. away from the in-land thingie, until the next rain shower.

I hope you liked the post. If so, stick around, more photos are coming, next time from a place where the ocean hugs the shore (there is a song about that ).

All photos are mine, © svemirac

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