Pampatar City
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Nueva Esparta-Venezuela.

The Indians gave this name to the city because in their language it means "House of Salt" and it is that besides being an old fishing port Pampatar has large salt mines that were important during the colonial era. Located on the eastern coast of Margarita Island, it is also the capital of the municipality of Maneiro.

The city is equipped with shops and beautiful beaches for your enjoyment as well as places not to be missed such as the San Carlos de Borromeo Castle or the Pampatar Lighthouse in the fort of La Caranta in Punta Ballena, which offer beautiful panoramic views of its bay and are a fundamental part of the island's historical heritage. Pampatar is also an excellent option to stay, it has magnificent hotels and inns with excellent views as well as excellent restaurants to eat by the sea.

San Carlos de Borromeo Castle

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One of the oldest and most outstanding buildings in the colonial history of the island, one of the strongest protectors of the time since the 1600s, therefore one of the oldest, was attacked and destroyed by pirates on multiple occasions and rebuilt in many others. It is located in a strategic point of the city of Pampatar and offers excellent panoramic views of the bay.

This military fort currently functions as a museum and has valuable objects from the colonial era that can be seen by all those who visit the place, in addition to offering a short tour with a tour guide, is open to the public.


In several of the stones that make up the structure of the castle you can see carved names and among them "Carlos Borromeo" the proper name of the castle


The views from the castle are truly beautiful, nothing better than the blue of the sea in combination with the blue of the sky


The castle has an exit to the beach so when you visit it you can enjoy a little white sand beach under your feet, it's very common to see boats and submarines sailing around.

Fort of the Caranta

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To the southeast of Pampatar, in the La Caranta area is located the second historical tourist attraction of the city, the Fortín de la Caranta, a modern building built in 2007, a high lighthouse with an octagon-shaped base that has the main function of guiding and directing the boats and motorboats of Pampatar.


It is guarded by the Venezuelan National Guard but is open to the public, can be climbed a series of spiral stairs and has a total of 8 balconies that offer incredible views of the bay and the salt flats of the city. A truly enchanting 360º visual environment. The locals say that sometimes whales can be seen on its coasts and for this reason it is also called Punta Ballena Lighthouse.

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite places on the island, fishermen often call it "The Head of the Whale" as it is the first land outcrop observed from the sea. The Lighthouse is on from 6pm to 6am and can be visited from 9am to 5:30pm, it is undoubtedly a place you can't miss if you are walking around Margarita Island.


View of the bay from the second balcony of the Lighthouse


Beautiful panoramic views of the salt flats of Pampatar from the lighthouse of the Fortín la Caranta, which is why the natives called it "Casa de Sal" (House of Salt).


Besides being a city that keeps an important part of the colonial history of the island and Venezuela, Pampatar has an excellent nightlife, has excellent bars, restaurants and discos, is really a good option to stay, with the tranquility of the sea during the day and afternoon and the fun to spend an excellent evening, so and more through this series of publications I hope to convince you to accept my invitation to come to know this wonderful island, Margarita Island is undoubtedly the best option for an excellent vacation. Once again I must say goodbye and wish you a happy life and sweet dreams...


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