May 18, 2019 it's Visakha Bucha Day! A very important day in the Thai Buddhist calendar is กิจกรรมวันวิสาขบูชา (Visakha Bucha Day), it commemorates the birth, the enlightenment and the passing away of Buddha, 3 events that happen on the same day in different years.

That day and the week before, Buddhists put yellow flags outside their homes, go to the temple to listen to sermons about the Buddha's teaching and pay tribute to the Three Jewels of Buddhism.

Each year กิจกรรมวันวิสาขบูชา is celebrate in early May. The day is based on the lunar calendar and hence it does not fall on the same calendar day each year.

As every year, we went to the Kamala Beach temple to celebrate it. A little half an hour from home it allowed us to ride along a small part of the west coast of Phuket by scooter, which is always nice.




Kamala Beach temple is my favorite on the whole island! The monks take the time, the setting is friendly and the people who go there are welcoming. To top it all off, it is ideally located in front of the sea.


Apart from the temple Kamala has many attractions, ideally located between Patong Beach and Surin Beach the city is in the center of the western coast of the island of Phuket (the best coast of the island to enjoy the beautiful beaches). Both touristic, but not too much, its streets leading to the beach are full of charm and it is a very safe beach located a stone's throw from the famous Cultural theme park Phuket Fantasea.

Phuket fantasea has become a must when you come to Phuket, if you want a quick look it's here:

When you arrive at the beach through the main entrance, you can see the Tsunami Memorial Park, a small park with a marble stele is there to remember the victims of the 2004 Tsunami. On the 200,000 victims of the tsunami, 8,000 occurred in Thailand.


Once you reach the small green bridge that alone represents this beach of Kamala, you will find yourself facing a rather large beach. There was a time when the counter alley was filled with small shops (restaurant, bar, massage, souvenir sale, tour etc...) which added an extra charm but unfortunately following changes they were no longer tolerated and had to be dismantled at all.




One thing I particularly appreciate about Kamala beach is the opportunity to get in the shade. Having lived there for a few months when I arrived in Phuket, I have had many times a good restorative nap on the beach, Hahaha!


And here we are again on a very pleasant Saturday with the family with a beautiful destination where I had not been for some time. I really don't regret leaving behind the grey and ugly Parisian sky to come and live here for 7 years soon.

If you are interested in staying in Kamala during a possible holiday in Phuket you will find a fairly famous novotel as well as many other hotels, airbnb and beach clubs like the very latest one which is the Café del Mar (a classy beach club from the world-famous brand originating out of Ibiza)

Feel free to watch in addition to this little blog the video of the day which is here:


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