I am traveling for work this week and the start was quite harsh. Last night I just touched the bed and was already dreaming. My first glance at the window shows a beautiful sunny Marseille. My mood was uplifted in a second and I started to dance towards the shower. No much space though as my company choose the Ibis budget version so I could step directly from the bed in the shower :))
I met my client in Avignon, a place a knew absolutely nothing about. I never do research to be honest, as I do love to be surprised. So for me it was just another place in the south of France, where they have an opera and a lighting designer.

This was the first street I had seen after I did struggle to find a parking place in the centre. It was like the kids of the city get their hand on the paints and tried to improve the old rocks with some colours. The client told me that it wasn't kids but the city council architects that are trying to change some of the buildings facades.

First church of the day was St Peter's one. I had no time for more in depth research as I was trying to find the best place to eat. For me the best usually means a place with a story, that is dragging me inside. I am trying to follow my intuition as much as I can as the randomness of those decisions led me to some of the best culinary experiences.

I was going to ask a fortune-teller, but she was out and about, leaving her gifts well covered. I waited for a while, but she wasn't ready to be unveiled.

This red flags was the sign that I am getting closer. They say that Avignon is the capital of wines of Rhone, a place very good for the red dry wines I like sometimes. I felt a second inspired to eat in the Pub of Change in the Change Plaza but I had changed my mind :) and continued my journey towards the perfect chase of the perfect place

This gate was just so cool. It is the museum of traditional arts provencale but I just mistaken it for the stag horns :) Nothing to eat inside...

Few more steps and I did stop for a beautiful kind of a rooftop garden with a cute tree. It was the prefecture yard and I also noticed the red beautiful flowers that climb the balcony. I was getting really hungry so it was kind of a challenge to stick with my intuition plan. I am becoming slowly a monster

This city is impressive. I had no clue that can be that cute. I wish that I would stay in this hotel, but there is always the tourist time for such desires.

This is the 14th centuries old palace of the Popes, that has as the rival only the Vatican, local people's say. Well it is impressive, but to be honest is cold and not particularly inviting you inside.

Still a selfie with the monster never hurts. I did tried to abandon my food quest, but I had no luck all the uninviting places they had no veggie food. So keep walking and keep dreaming about the food for now.

Autumn is having a blast in this small town. Love those flowery balconies.

A bit more colours, small little puppets this time. Omw to see some famous bridge I stumbled upon the gates of the old town. They did took my breath away.

The engineer in me is in awe with this type of construction. It is the merge of the nature and human mind to bring to the light the best in both. I really need to be a tourist here someday, to properly enjoy this marvels.

The last landmark was this bridge, by its name The Pont d'Avignon. I was already too mad of hunger to ask a local what's his story, but I do have the feeling we will meet again.

Closed my eyes and I had a long breath into the quietness of the Rhone. Is a calm and cristal clear river that is bordering the city of Avignon on his way to the sea.

Keep telling myself is the last stop, the last photo, the last gate and balcony. Well this time it was, lunch was just around the beautiful corner

Well is a round corner, as the Earth I guess :)) This rainbow pot is the house of the little wannabe big tree. Some people have decided that is the way for him to be held with love. I smiled and continued after the snapshot.

La vie est un mystere qu'il faut vivre et pas un probleme a resoudre. Life is a mistery to be lived and not a problem to be solved. Meet my lunch place, the vegetarian place with a little fat Buddha. I will always believe in signs and silliness and the fact that waiting is a virtue to be learned :)

I did hope you enjoyed my hungry journey post and please do travel. The world has so many gems like this one to be discovered.