I am tired and I mean mentally. I had a busy day today, so not much time to do how french people say a balada :) I
Was pretty much in the car since 8am so no really my dream when I am thinking about work.

Well now when I am looking of my 5 pictures of the day I cannot laugh when I remembered this one. It does look like the beginning of a meme. On the next house it was my client playing piano in the sun. I would change place with him anytime if I would have any kind of skill in that department. To be honest, even though to me was looking like a walk in the park his rehearsals, I know for sure that is years and years of work to 'feel the music'.

Next stop was at an event company that they had a funny guardian. She was the gate keeper and she couldn't care less about my wannabe strokes. She shoes her long tail as a sign of ignoring :))

Those are in Frejus, a place for rich people that don't know how to spend their fiat on crypto. I could stay there, if I will move from UK someday.

This is my favourite place in Marseille, a very big city by the sea side. Is from the car as I was lost and end up there by accident, very common in my life :)) I was considering to play a bit with the car on the lovely chess table but I was already almost late to my meeting. I did though did a u turn up to the water and stick my tongue out with joy.

Back to my middle of nowhere hotel, looking forward for my dinner with anything else apart from salad :)