Today was my last day in Krakow and as last year I will miss the closing dinner. My day starts late, after yesterday's karaoke, but I am like a cat, just purring in front of my sunny airbnb window. I had a lot of fun singing, even though as my forth grade teacher also told me - I have a horrible voice 😀 Not that I ever ever listen to him or managed to ruin my mojo ...

Obviously I have no picture with me, but I do love this one with @connecteconomy. My lousy voice was there to support me and we did sing No Doubt - Don't speak and Fools Garden - Lemon tree from what I remembered. The karaoke was a join venture of @coruscate, @anomadsoul and @steemcafe, so I believe is important not to forget to thank them for the great idea.

I started my morning after with a coffee provided my friend @redrica that took her time to do a bed delivery cappuccino. As many at SF3 will agree she is THE Best. After my lazy bed service, we were invaded my some wonderful people @mrlightning and the pink joy @techslut that aimed to do some shopping before departure. We found their king chair, of course was red, and they climb up to take the deserved glory. As I am the flowerpower type of girl that doesn't quite understand the shopping malls, I left them enjoy and continued my journey.

I like a lot to read "signs" from the Universe. I did found happiness on the way but it didn't felt like the right place to sit.

This sounded more like the invitation I was waiting for. I took the joy inside me and step inside to meet my walking partner, @connecteconomy that I know her from SF2 and I happen to believe we click.

So this gorgeous women are sharing a moment in space. We are so cute, no self ashame :)) for bragging about it.

The cytat cafe or quote cafe was clearly my way. Some more picture from inside below

We left for the touristy part, trying to discover or rediscover Krakow at a small pace. Is a lovely city and I will try to choose the pictures I love the most. Is going to be hard :)

The famous fire dragon, maybe a steemmonster :)

The old castle

My favourite gate to heaven so far

Love that tree

World from above

People vs pigeons

Pyrpgy lunch, checked

Best winter tea, of course with ginger

My closing picture. I am such a sucker for sunsets. The Universe is my friend and already knows that it will deeply touch my heart. I believe light at down suits humanity the best. Here is where the love, the stories are graved :) Or is just me being just silly. Anyway, goodbye Krakow and SF3 it was a pleasure indeed. Looking already forward for SF4, no no life without expectations :D

Deep hugs for all of you out there,