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This next and final edition, has us travelling from London to Paris on the Eurostar!

Euro Trip 1616.JPG

The Eurostar is the only highspeed train between London and Paris, it gets us there in under two and half hours! From here we catch the metro to our Airbnb in Montmartre. Our hosts meet us and give us a tour of the pad we will be calling home for the next four days.

They have lots of brochures, city/metro maps and info books for us which is super handy.

Michelle's brother Mikey and friend Zac arrived earlier and they come around for a chill night of snacking, drinking wine and playing cards.

Grab a coke and a sandwich from the local supermarket on our way to the boys Airbnb... as they have a washing machine! Haven't had a chance to wash our clothes since Berlin but we have been doing so much shopping that having clean clothes hasn't really been a problem 😉

Have trouble working out the wash cycles, the only one we can get working is a 3 hour cycle.... So load as much as we can in, press start and off we go to check out the streets of Paris!


Have lunch at an Italian reataurant on our way to the Eiffel Tower. After we are refuelled we keep heading in the tower direction. It can be seen by quite a distance away but it really is a sight to behold when up close!
Euro Trip 1651.JPG

Walk under the tower and try buy tickets to the very top level but unfortunately it is closed.

Just go up to the second level instead. Still an amazing view and get the chance to laugh at some show off skaters on the ice rink, all while sipping on our flutes of bubbles.

Keep wandering the streets and along the river until we make it to Notre Dame and the Lourve. It's early evening now, too late to go inside so catch a cab back to the guys Airbnb.

Have pre drinks then head out to a couple of bars. Most places shut at 2am but we find a club that's open until 6am... Les Caves Saint Sabin - a really cool goth club with industrial type music and bartenders with real snakes wrapped around their necks!

Despite not getting home til 6am, wake up at 10am so Zac and I can go to the Catacombs... the other two piked. Lucky for us the line isn't too long and in no time we are deep in the tunnels, exploring these underground ossuaries.

Euro Trip 1725.JPG

Then we head back to pick up mine and Michelle's clean clothes. The guys drop me off and Michelle is now finally awake so we go out to get some lunch - French onion soup

From here we explore our local area of the romantic Montmartre, walking the stairs up to Sacre Coeur and enjoying another view of Paris whilst also enjoying some Nutella crepes.
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Sacre Coeur

Head home as it's getting pretty cold, stay in with a bottle of vino. Super cold the next day too. Attempt to catch the metro instead of walking to the Eiffel Tower... but there is some guy yelling in French so get off after only two stops. Purchase hot peppermint teas for our walk, try and find the best spot to take photos with the Eiffel tower. It's so cold and there aren't many tourists or people around so get some good shots.


Have burgers for lunch at a cafe in view of the tower then walk back home via some shopping on Champs Elysee and viewing of the arc de Triomphe. Walking around Paris takes forever as it is massive! It's already getting late now and will get dark soon so stop and get some baguettes, cheese, ham, tomatoes, berries, chocolate and wine for our own gourmet dinner at home.

Enjoy our spread and although we didn't get tickets, venture out again to at least see the Moulin Rouge.

Retire around midnight and up early to catch our 9.10am train to Frankfurt. Arrive around 1pm and first thing we do is get a bratwurst from a snag stand at the station... good to be back in Germany 🌭!!

Catch a cab to our hotel and then we are off to see what Frankfurt has to offer. It has been snowing here and snows on/off while we are walking around. Come across a park with a completely frozen over lake. There is a duck just walking across the frozen water.

Euro Trip 1863.JPG

Take in all the cute buildings, do some shopping - even find the hat that I have been looking for since losing it on our druken last night in Dublin! Then find a nice restaurant to have a delicious dinner in.
Euro Trip 1849.JPG


Super cold when we leave the restaurant so catch a cab back to the hotel. Have an earliesh night and up again early to catch a train to Rothenburg. This is the first time we need to change trains and we have to do it twice!.. successfully make both trains and arrive around 12.30pm. It has been snowing a lot here, our hotel isn't far so just drag our cases through the snow then head out to explore this beautiful medieval looking old town.



Euro Trip 1899.JPG

Visit the Medieval Crime museum then have a late lunch and stock up on some Schneeballens.

Euro Trip 1953.JPG


Temperature has now dropped drastically so get some wine as well and head back to the hotel. Spend the night drinking wine, taking a bath (first place that has had one!) and watching German movies. Do venture downstairs in our pajamas for a late supper in the restaurant. As we are eating it starts to snow and continues through the night - view from our room.
Euro Trip 1956.JPG

Have the best sleep and after breakfast drag our cases back through the snow to the station. We have two trains that we can catch to Munich one with two changes or one with three. We opt for the two changes but this train ends up being delayed after one of the changes, so have to dance around the platform to keep warm until it arrives.


Once we arrive in Munich we put all our luggage in some lockers, do some last minute shopping and have an early dinner at our last German beir haus of the trip 😢

Around 6.30pm we head back to collect our luggage and catch the train to the airport. Instead of sleeping on the flight to Dubai, we stay up all night watching movies, drinkings lots of little bottles of wine.

Arrive in Dubai around 8.30am and as you can imagine we are both tired and a bit drunk! Catch cab to our hotel where we are fortunately allowed an early check in. Sleep til about 1pm where we then spend the rest of the day defrosting in the warm sun by the pool.



Have some late arvo naps before going to the Deira mall which is conviently across the street! It's open until midnight so for something different do some more shopping and then have a late dinner.

Back at the airport around 9.30am for our flight back to Brisbane.. Neither of us wants to go home but our wallet and cases were definitely ready!

Despite us researching long and hard before our trip all of that went out the window when we arrived in Europe. Our strict itinerary made before we left was pushed aside, we just went with the flow every single day and we had the best time!

May not of gone inside the Lourve, or had time to visit Stonehenge but I'm not worried beacuse I can do that next time... as I will definitely be going back to all these places at some stage 😁

Instead we had a trip where we didn't know what we were doing or where we going. We just set out and seen where we would end up. Lots of walking and laughs, so many bottles of wine, great food, so much shopping, random breaking out in dancing and great memories that will last a lifetime!

Hope you enjoyed mine and Michelle's trip cos we sure loved living it! In case you missed the other editions of the trip you can read them here-