In the last weeks, I have often heard about a magical place at Lake Königssee, where nature formed a marvelous infinity pool with a stunning view over the lake. Last week, my close friend @weitblicker and I were finally able to check out this stunning place in Bavaria!


Definitely the most beautiful pool I have been in so far!

The "infinity pool" is a tank, which has been formed into the stones of the mountain by the creek Königsbach over the past millennia. When you get into the pool, you can enjoy a marvelous view on the scenery of the Königssee. Of course jumping into the cold water is also a nice refreshment on hot summer days ;)

Attention, danger!

Since the question "Where is this beauty?" will definitely come up, I have decided to just describe the way to this pool. Before doing so however, I want to address the fact that the way up to the pool can be quite dangerous and turn into life-threatening situations when done with wrong equipment. The local police definitely is right when saying that the area can be compared to alpine conditions. Unfortunately, many tourists underestimate that fact, which leads to dangerous situations. Even on the day when we were there, a young girl only escaped death by a few inches. If you can read German, check out this newspaper article about it. Definitely don't go there in swimming cloths and normal street shoes only, this is way too dangerous!


A german sign warning from the life-threatening dangers!

How to get there


The track marked in black is the more comfortabel and safer way to the waterfall with the pools (the blue X). The red track has the bonus that it is right next to the lake, however the part marked with red dots is really dangerous and can't even be called track. Basically, you are just climining up the steep hill there.

Starting at the visitors center, you follow the track to the view point "Malerwinkel", which can be translated into "Painters Place". The following picture shows the scenery the place owns it's name to.


A few meters before reaching this point, the way splits up in two directions. The way on the left is the way more comfortabel choice for getting to the natural infinity pool and my suggestion. The right choice will lead you to the river mouth of the Königsbach along the lake, forming a more beautiful track. However it is really hard and dangerous to get to the natural pools from lake level, since there is not a real track leading up to the pools.


The left one is the way to take to get to the pools!

After choosing the left way, you will walk along that track for around 20 minutes, until a junction will allow you to walk right to the Rabenwand. You will take this turnoff and walk along that track until it's official end. After the official end, you will see that the track actually kind of continues. If you follow further, you will come directly to the waterfall and the pools. The track is not too bad, however I still wouldn't want to be there without good and stable shoes. When you reach the creek, just turn to the right, a few meters down you will find the pools.


This seem like they were designed for great pictures. Since the pools are not too shallow, you can lay in there without easily dropping over the border. But don't mess around too much and always be careful before every move - You don't want to drop down dozens of meteres on the hard rocks. Great pictures are a nice thing - But living is even better ;) If you are careful however, you should be able to take great shots. The following pic was taken from the higher level pool by @weitblicker, while I was enjoying the view in the lower one!


Around 100 metres higher, a marvelous waterfall is formed by the Köngsbach, which is both great for a cooling swim and some nice photography.


Since we didn't know the way down the waterfall (marked with red dots in the map above) is so bad and insecure, we climbed down there. It was however really risky and I wouldn't want to do that again now that I know how bad the conditions are there. The only good thing was the fact that I got to record the following panorama shot!


Can you spot the cloud king watching his lake?

Down at the lake we jumped into the lake before taking the red track back. On the way we found some nice ropes where you can swing into the lake - So we had to take a little break again!


After this last action stop, our adventure was finally over. We got back to the parking lot, enjoyed a great meal at the "Echostüberl", a nice restaurant right next to the lake. After dinner, we headed back home to Austria!

Enjoy carefully!

I hope you guys liked this post about one of the most beautiful places I have ever witnessed in person. I also hope that you will keep my security warnings in your mind if you should ever visit this place yourself - Even the most beautiful scenery can turn into a deadly danger really quick! So watch out and stay safe!


Eine deutschsprachige Version dieses Artikels findet ihr hier: Der Naturinfinitypool am Königssee - Einer der schönsten Orte Deutschlands?!