Sorry for the long delay in my trip, I just had a lot going on.

Day 4.

There wasnt much pain in my knee like the other days, so of course I continued the hike. The tour groups got an early start so they were all in front of me, I passed all them up on the way to the top of the first hill. It was a nice warm up of what was to come.


I like how the clouds are just above the lake.


This part of the trail was the easiest since it was finally flat for the next 1-2 miles. I could take in the sights without stopping.


Another wallpaper, it may look better without the overcast. Still nice though.


Looking ahead, I was getting stoked, Im about to walk on a glacier.


I made it to a cabin next to the glacier and they were serving breakfast, their pie was sooo good. The question I had was though was how in the heck did they build this out here, this was built in the early 1900s as a ski resort. Well they told us there was a forecast of a storm coming in the next hour and I was about 4 hours away from my next campsite. I needed to get past the glacier and over the mountain before it hits, so I was in a hurry to leave.


This was cool, leading up to the glacier there was ice under the rocks.


Finally walking on the glacier and there was a river, I just had to drink the water, and it was the best tasting water Ive tried. I filled up my camel pack.


The storm was coming and we could hear it, we were in a rush to get off the glacier as fast as possible. The people I met here were awesome, they let me borrow their walking stick as I trekked on the glacier. I met them in the cabin during dinner.


Well as we were walking on the glacier trying to get out before the storm hits, that moment just hit us. I stopped, they stopped we looked around and were like, WERE ON A FREAKIN GLACIER!!! We had to stop and take pictures and just enjoyed the moment.


I made it over the mountain before the bulk of the storm hit and it was a easy trek to the next town. But at this point my other knee started hurting...


Unfortunately the pain in my left knee was not the only issue at this point, I started having pain in my other knee. Probably compensating for the extra strain I've been putting on it, but this pain was different. It was more common to my knee injuries I had while playing football in high school, and I took this one more seriously. I decided to stop the hike walk to the nearest bus station to the train station and I just went around Europe and visited 6 different countries in the time I had left in my vacation. From that point in the hike I had to make a decision to leave there or continue but the next town would be 2 days away. I wasnt willing to take that risk. In hindsight this was the best decision because after 3 months from the hike, my left knee was completely healed (well after like a week) but my right knee still had issues.

The rest of my trip was awesome, Thanks for reading my story.