The Nomads Bus - An unforgettable holiday on the road

Too Curious @toocurious
· April 2018 · 4 min read · Norway · #norway

Hi everyone,

People often wonder how it is like to live a day on our hostel on wheels and today's blog is all about answering that question.


We have been running our hostel for two years now and in those two years we have been fine-tuning our daily routine quite a bit. I would say that right now we are at a point where we found a rhythm that really works, one that brings us into a flow and allows us to show our guests the best time possible.

Before getting more into detail, I would like to start by saying that our day actually starts the evening before, because at the end of each day we drive our hostel to a new location. We have discovered that one of the nicest things about our project, is that we can start our day in a completely new surrounding and are able to begin our hike right where we are parked!


Although tourism is rising fast here, this part of Norway is still so untouched that there are quite a few spots where we can easily park in the middle of nowhere and the next morning literally start our hike at the other side of the road.

Deciding where to go each day can be tricky, because we have to factor in a lot of things like the weather, the time the drive will take, the possibility to park or do groceries along the way, etc... In this challenge also lays a big part of the reward in what we do, especially when everything works out the way we envisioned it.


After a good breakfast we get our gear (backpack, food, water, avalanche gear, skis..) together and start our hike. In general a hike takes about 4-6 hours to get to the peak of the mountain and back. The amazing thing about this part of the world is that as soon as you have climbed 50 vertical meters you get an incredible view if you look back over your shoulder and what's even better is that the view keeps changing every 50 meters till you reach the top. Besides that, every hike also gives a different feel to the surroundings and most of the times that includes a view on (a part of) the ocean or a fjord. We always go up as a group, have regular stops and wait till the last one has reached the top, before all going down together under my guidelines. We are in the mountains and it can be quite dangerous if you make the wrong choices.





After the beautiful decent we end up back at the bus where we relax for a bit before we enjoy an amazing dinner together. Later in the evening I drive to a new spot, where new adventures await us in the morning and the cycle continues!

I have told it many times now, but for me there is no place in the world that can offer these spectacular views with the added bonus of snowboarding down right back to the front door of our moving hostel. The possibilities are endless and if you like mountains and epic views I would recommend everyone to come and join us! If you don't feel the need to come and scoop around here during the cold winter, you can also opt to stay with us in the summer. We basically do the same hikes with spectacular views, the only difference being that we can't snowboard down and that the weather is a lot more comfortable and the sun is out a whole lot longer!

tim hike crazy rock.jpg

All the best to all of you and please let us know in the comments what you think about our project, we are always ready to improve based on the feedback we get from our community.

Do you own a van? Do you live in a bus and go on adventures? Tag #livingonwheels and get resteemed on our page!

PS: I always upvote sincere comments and our long term Steemit goal is to build a true 'vanlife' community that can support each other through a strong on and offline connection. If you want to collaborate in any way with us, just give a shout!


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Your articles are always just makes me wanne go travelling!

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Hey i loved reading your article, i would be really interested in having a look around your mobile hostel, maybe you will do another great post later 😊
I live in the uk in a truck/home on wheels that I converted myself and when i first started blogging on here i was using the #vanlife tag i shall have to remember the tag you mention #livingonwheels 😊
Lets keep connected and support, grow the alternative vanlife community on here @toocurious
Wishing you smiles 😊

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog :). I read your post about people actually talking to eachother and I too think there is work to be done. Let's build our community on wheels! And hope to see you one day in real life!

It's my first time when I read something like this. The idea is wonderful and the views are stuning. Anyway, Norway is by far my favorite country to visit. Folow and Upvote!

Thanks a lot, where are you from? Also, can I ask how did you find my blog?

I think I told you already a few times: but I absolutely love what you do.

Not just the bus and the hostel, you #dowhatyoulike and #likewhatyoudo... I can feel it... I'll be back in Norway this autumn.. would live to meet you with my miniCamper =)

Yes, thank you for that! We are really trying to combine our live with our passions. Thanks for noticing, let us know when you are in Norway and we can meet up!

Such a cool idea.

I love the wild cold landscape. It's the proof that there is never too cold for a new adventure! 💚

Looks very interesting. I upvote you. I like to comment on your post thank you for sharing

That final shot must have been hard to reach. Looks like quite a hike in that weather.

Great idea must be tried