3 Days and 4 Nights Free Trip in Taiwan: Day 3 ①-Yerush * Spun * Jinwas * Jiwoofun

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· January 2020 · 2 min read · Taiwan · #budgettravel

third day

Yesjin 'Mansu Port' Taxi Tour!

There was a forecast of rain, but the forecast seems to be the same as Korea or Taiwan.


The day before, we only had 4 hours of sleep

I slept from the taxi to my nose.

* How to make a reservation

After contacting katok and confirming reservation

Pay the money to the knight.

English, 4 Tours (Yesjinji) is 4000NT!

Our taxi driver 'Jackie'

He's tall and funny and speaks English well.

It's also the best driver .. It's because I'm in a hurry like a Korean

It was not a joke to overtake.

Every time we pass, all three of us cheer, so I feel more excited.

Mr. Guard

There are some who go up where they should not go up.

Someone went up to take a picture

"Woman's crazy. Don't say that .. ㅉㅉ"

I'm doing this, but I know Korean.

I felt as a hostel staff

Koreans and Chinese should not swear. Because it's the same.

My patent jump shot

Posing just before taking the crotch


Taiwan jeoreogo attended all four days 3 nights trip to make movies.

Fixed, timer, shooting

My friends say stop it

(If you make it well, leave it)

Wow! Blowfish face came out.

Honestly, I'm sick, but I think I'll do it again

Squat on the train

I ate peanut ice cream from Spun

It was really delicious.

This time I didn't add the chanchai (I think it's better to put it in . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xd xd xd xd xd xd xd xd


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