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This summer, when the heat of the afternoon faded, I went for a walk on the Seine.

Unintentionally, I walked vaguely, starting with the Iena Bridge near my house, passing through the arch bridge Devili footbridge, past the Alma Bridge near the Bateaux Cruise ship dock, playing on the playground under the Les Invalides bridge, and returning home to the Pont Alexandre III bridge. The way was coming soon. On the days of strength, another block from the Alexandre III bridge, followed by the Concorde Bridge, slowly walked along the Seine to the Tuileries Garden, about 2.7 meters from the house.

The Tuileries Garden welcomes the summer season with a wide variety of rides, just like the winter Christmas season. However, it was very expensive to ride the equipment to the tourists. Was it 5 euros for one ride?

Not far from home, the Boulogne Forest is home to the Jardin d'Acclimatation, which has plenty of rides, several playgrounds, animals, and a beautiful Korean garden. The free pass pays 35 euros for on-site payments and 28 euros for online payments 7 days in advance. At least three times a day is enough to play all day. There are even fun encounters with colorful peacocks roaming freely around the amusement park.

The children who wanted to ride a bumper car in Tuileries then went to an amusement park with a free-use bracelet and typed it into Churos. The children who have never earned the price of running are running to the familiar playground in the Tuileries gardens, as if they have resigned after accepting the fact that the cost of rides is too high. Then the guard ran up to 10:30 the night the guard closed.

(French Churros is chewy and crispy. It is a luxurious taste that cannot be compared with Korean Churos.)

Tuileries Garden

Jardin d'Acclimatation

There are so many people exercising in the Seine. The Parisians seem to have a passion for maintaining a healthy and beautiful body.

The river is full of people riding trendy electric kickboards, climbing up and down stairs, riding bikes or rollerblades, jogging and alerting people.

Provoked by this atmosphere, I also heated up for a while. As a scene from the movie, she was driven by the beautiful river Seine and was able to be zealous several times. Because of lack of will, I finally became obsolete.

In any case, the Seine walk was a refreshing summer for us to be monotonous and free. Every time we went for a walk, we used to be impressed that we really live in Paris. Especially after sunset, I was able to see the romantic night scene of Paris without a circle. In the meantime, I was sorry that I couldn't enjoy the night of Paris because I slept my children early. Even if it is long and vacation, Guinea children fall asleep late and sleep well. When I went to school, I got up at 7 o'clock, and the kids who went to bed at 9 o'clock were going to go to bed at 10:30 and 11:30 when I was on vacation.

All the bridges on the Seine are illuminated in yellow at night. The Eiffel Tower not only turns golden, but also shines like a diamond every hour. Is there anyone who will not be fascinated by seeing this night view on the bridge without the iron chest?

In midsummer, the river is full of laughter and music. Looking down at the river, the people sit on the ground, and the wine, baguettes, and cheeses are filled with the sounds of the people who are immersed in samakyung.

Bars and restaurants open by the river with a large number of tourists and Parisians make it an ideal city. Pleasure boats and restaurant boats carry passengers, wander around, and float on the river, thanks to the lighting of the boats that make the Seine River more alluring.

Sometimes we also packed lunches and had picnics on the Seine, like the Parisians who never went on vacation.

Thanks to the people who danced and sang alongside, they enjoyed the elevated riverside night atmosphere and ate the kimchi fried rice topped with cheese.

All around the Seine

Artists who announce their work

Sitting area with hammock

Bato Bus

With children , our destination is a playground whenever we go for a walk. The children play for a long time because of their good play facilities.

If I didn't have children, I thought it would not be bad to spend time with a pair of cocktails.

It is a unique space with a gallery and bar combined.

Or something like this

It was my first summer in Paris, France, and the Seine River walk was Hwaryong Peak during the summer vacation.

I remember the happy memories of playing with my cousins ​​in the moonlight as late as night. Playing outside in time to sleep was a moment of excitement and excitement as if something broke a taboo. Adults who usually grow up and nag also gather onggi boils and fight with fire and eat warmed up snacks and meat.

We wanted to present that memory to our children.

From the formula that you must sleep at night, you will be tired of the protection of happy adults, enjoying the unique night atmosphere of the refreshing night air, the cool wind, the noisy laughter and singing, and the light in the dark. To play with. The summer nights in Paris were the perfect place to make those memories.

The new school year is finally starting on September 2nd. The children will meet new teachers and friends. We are more nervous and worried about our parents, who will speak Korean only during vacations with mom and dad.

Our school begins in the third week of September.

For two months we had the most comfortable and happy time in our life. Having rested enough, I decided to live with a few days in Paris, France.

I do not regret what I have accomplished, but I do not regret it, but in the day given me more endurance to the children, more loving mates, rushed before everyone who meets, smiles first, tries not to lose thanks, Try your best day.

Doing the best for the people given to me seems to be very difficult because it lowers me. There are so many things in your head that you look folly and ugly, rather than stiff and lofty, but you want to be a pleasant and relaxing person. I want to grow that old.

There is a long way to go.


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