Asia - Weekly Round-Up #68

TravelFeed @travelfeedJune 2019 · 4 min read

Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Asia roundup!

Are you bored out of your mind and need a distraction? Then we got the right articles for you, the following are our favorite posts from last week featuring Asia. Start reading and daydreaming.

The BEST posts for Asia

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Travel Diaries - Tangalle, Sri Lanka by @tggr

📍Southern Province, Sri Lanka

Our time in Ella had come to an end and our next destination was set to be Tangalle. Tangalle is a beach and fishing town on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, approximately 200km to the south of Colombo. Although Tangalle is almost twice as big as Ella by the number of people, unless you venture further into the town, you will not notice or feel it.[...]

Travel Diaries - Tangalle, Sri Lanka
Travel Diaries - Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Batumi City – Georgian Capital of Wealth & False Hopes by @ctdots

📍Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia

Finally, I woke up on time today. Before going out for breakfast and 12 o’clock check-out, I was even able to enjoy some coffee with a cigarette with a wonderful view through the balcony. I’m not the most introverted person, but having some time alone here and there means a lot to me. Especially on this journey, where all my colleagues were just s[...]

Batumi City – Georgian Capital of Wealth & False Hopes
Batumi City – Georgian Capital of Wealth & False Hopes

My Georgian Diary. Day 6/7 - Part 2 - Gveleti Waterfall by @zirochka

📍Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Georgia

I continue my story about visiting the country of Georgia, and in this post I head directly to Gveleti big waterfall
For your convenience, I put links to previous parts at the bottom of this post.

So, from Gergeti Monastery we went north on E117 or Georgian Military Highway. In fact, our destination consists of 3 landmarks: Lake, Small Waterfal[...]

My Georgian Diary. Day 6/7 - Part 2 - Gveleti Waterfall
My Georgian Diary. Day 6/7 - Part 2 - Gveleti Waterfall

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The world is a huge playground. How I wish I could travel all through out on the different continents. Live the post on Sri Lank though.

Great selection!

Thank you so much, your support of the community can't be overestimated! ❤🌹

Thanks @travelfeed for bringing to light this articles/info.
Great pics from Sri Lanka as usual, and especially to mention beautiful Georgia.
As I am from Russia and neighbor of Georgia, I am getting day by day more and more impressed by this beautiful country. Now Georgia is on my top list to visit, great country, friendly people, delicious cousine and sunny weather:)