Europe - Weekly Round-Up #73

TravelFeed @travelfeedJuly 2019 · 4 min read

Welcome to today's weekly Travelfeed Europe roundup!

Europe as a travel destination has so much to offer, sometimes it's kind of hard what country or city to choose for your next vacation. Get inspired by the following travel articles highlighting some of the best spots of the continent.

The BEST posts for Europe

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Discover Ukraine. Svirzh Castle by @zirochka

📍Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Those, who were born in USSR, may recognize this known and unknown castle as Béthune Abbey. How is that possible?

In the soviet screening of the famous novel “Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas here were filmed scenes related to the monastery. Thus, wide audience saw it lots of ti[...]

Discover Ukraine. Svirzh Castle
Discover Ukraine. Svirzh Castle

Art and Mystery on the Saint-Jacque’s Way: Palencia, the church of Santiago de Cezura by @juancar347

📍Cantabria - Castilla y León, Spain

Another church that, even without a reliable testimony that proves it, suggests the presence, in times, of the Order of the Temple: the church of Santiago, in Cezura. Much have changed the times since the time of that possible presence -which would have to date, in all probability, in the 12th and 13th centuries- and a lot, also, the styles that, [...]

Art and Mystery on the Saint-Jacque’s Way: Palencia, the church of Santiago de Cezura
Art and Mystery on the Saint-Jacque’s Way: Palencia, the church of Santiago de Cezura

Let's travel together #112 - Cascada 7 Izvoare (7 Springs Waterfall) by @gabrielatravels

📍Dâmbovița, Romania

Have you ever wondered where is located the purest water in the world?
Or maybe where Zamolxe drunk water for the very first time?
Well, now it's your chance to figure out some interesting facts about a waterfall which is hidden deep into the heart of the mountains.

Coming up with a continuation and also the last touristic attraction from our[...]

Let's travel together #112 - Cascada 7 Izvoare (7 Springs Waterfall)
Let's travel together #112 - Cascada 7 Izvoare (7 Springs Waterfall)

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