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Europe as a travel destination has so much to offer, sometimes it's kind of hard what country or city to choose for your next vacation. Get inspired by the following travel articles shared on TravelFeed.io and learn about some of the best spots of the continent.

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89th International Tartufo exhibition in Alba by @dexpartacus

📍Piemont, Italy

![]() --- ### Hey Steemians! --- *The city of Alba is famous all over the world for its prized truffle (Tartufi), every year a festival is held in his streets that lasts more than a month during which the city comes alive giving life to live performances, street artists, vintage car exhibitions, carnival and its streets are naturally exposed s[...]

Taras Shevchenko Park and Monument, Kharkiv, Ukraine by @priyanarc

📍Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine

In many of my posts especially into my video, you have seen this park called Taras Shevchenko Park and Monument, Kharkiv, which is a very attractive, well-oriented, central park of Kharkiv, Ukraine. I, personally love to visit this park because whenever I go there I feel good and lots of people go there every single day for a walk. It's far awa[...]

Viscri and Sighișoara, a different side of Transylvania by @haydae

📍Mureș, Romania

There was this one thing we had noticed in Romania and in the region of Transylvania especially. It seemed every road was undergoing repair, whether it be in small villages or on main roads. Sometimes, the journey was so tedious that horse-driven carts were much faster and more efficient than our rental car. We could tell, since we had actually be[...]

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