👋 Hi everyone! Julian from TravelFeed here.

I love reading travel blogs. I already made a mobile app for TravelFeed (which is basically just the web app optimized for small screens), but when I recently went on a trip without my laptop I realized how much scrolling through a long blog post on mobile sucks - and don’t even talk about keying in a 2,000-word blog post on your smartphone.

I asked other travelers where they share their travel stories and they use Instagram and TikTok because these apps provide a great mobile experience. There is some great travel content there, but a 15 second clip is just way too short to share detailed information.

I made an app that combines the amazing mobile experience of stories with the informativity of travel blogs.

Do you miss travel?

Truvvl is the perfect app for when you want to read travel blogs on the go - but it is equally perfect when you are at home and can't travel. If you miss travel as much as I do, downloading truvvl is a must for you! Swiping through all these amazing travel stories takes me around the world, even when I'm under lockdown at home. The truvvl logo may be a flying truffle pig, but with truvvl, travel doesn't need to wait until pigs can fly 😉

👉 Features

✅ 25,000 blog posts from TravelFeed have been converted to stories. Stories are swipeable, have big font on colorful backgrounds and photos that fill the whole screen.

✅ You can discover new stories (randomly, nearby or by followed accounts) by swiping up, and if you are interested to read more, keep swiping left until you are bored. Then swipe up again.

Creating stories is easy and works much more like Instagram’s story creation tool than a traditional blog editor. No long texts needed.

✅ With truvvl, you own your stories! Not only can they be permanently stored on the Hive blockchain, you can also host them on your own domain (with TravelFeed blogs). On the web, stories are viewable as AMP web stories. And Google loves them! In fact, web stories appear in the Google search and can give your blog a nice SEO boost.

✅ On Hive, Peakd Beta already supports truvvl embeds with more frontends to follow soon.

✅ While truvvl starts out with a large selection of travel stories from TravelFeed, you can share any story you want - your food, your pets, your life. Doesn't have to be travel related.

✅ To make things more fun, there are random drops of truvvl coins. The more you use the app, the less likely is your chance of a drop, but the odds reset each day - if you use truvvl every day, you earn the most coins. You can show off your truvvl coins on the leaderboard - and watch out for an announcement what else you can do with truvvl coins! If you download the app today and sign in, you will also receive 100 truvvl coins to get you started!

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truvvl is on Product Hunt 🎉

Since it’s launch day, truvvl is launching on Product Hunt. Product Hunt brings the potential to get a lot of eyes 👀 on truvvl. If you like the app, I would be super grateful if you can support truvvl on Product Hunt!

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