ok... I have did it... posted a place I know very well. I am not much of a writer, so this will be somehow not professional, but somehow user based review kind of thing.

In regards to your UI, I don't dislike it, but when I say that I was expecting something else, I was referring to the way you onboard a user to make the sort of the first/second post. We all know what the API provides and what makes sense to use to interact with the blockchain. But for people that never used the challenge of making this something they don't need to compare with it, becomes amazingly powerful.

I am going to throw a recent example that "economically" might not have much difference from what everyone sees on the regular curation posts, but gave me that initially UAu! of presenting itself as a "different thing", making it's point: Tasteem!

Another example, but in a completely different scenario is SteemHunt... They both have their unique designs and strategic target choices to enhance their unique features.

You guys, are some kind of amazing open source "trip advisor". They have their unique design... what would you guys do to win all customers of Trip Advisor? See where I am going? That's where you guys should go... AIM there!!! Please! This tech has so much potential.... than what enterprises are still exploring under the normal STUPID and overrated/overpriced "cloud" world... I know it... 15 years on IT/Infrastructures told me something.

To finalize... Thanks! Thanks for bringing to STEEM another good use case of what Blockchain tech can do. It's our job to show the world that decentralization has it's benefits. We are all pioneers, reviewers, strategists, influencers, followers, but we all play an important role on whatever many may call to these networks.


Thanks for your feedback!

Right now we are in early Beta for Steem users and don't offer onboarding, but we are working on releasing our onboard feature next week offering convenient email-signups. Our aim is to onboard travellers who have never used Steem or cryptos before.

We don't see our platform as similar to Steemit, maybe it seems like it because both platforms are focussed on long content unlike e.g. Steemhunt? We offer many distinct travel-oriented features already (maps, location search, profile badges) and will be releasing many more in the coming months. When you login, our Dashboard is also totally different from Steemit, more comparable to Wordpress probably.

We are often compared to it, but we do not aim to become the next Tripadvisor - a lot of Steem projects want to become "that super popular platform but on a Blockchain" and are not exactly successful with that attempt, it's not easy to match an established product by a multi-billion-dollar company as a startup when there is no innovation besides using a Blockchain ;) We, on the other hand, are building a platform for independent travellers - a platform for a not-so-small niche that is currently lacking and that we have often wished to use ourselves. Tripadvisor is about finding the most popular sights/restaurants/hotels, great if you are on a short vacation or want to brag to your friends and followers about visiting well-known places. TravelFeed is about finding travel experiences off-the-beaten track and a community of likeminded travellers. Many of our users are long-term travellers or digital nomads, but there are many short-term travellers as well who are keen to experience more than just the usual tourist places when travelling. Right now the best way to do that is to search Google for hours to find well-hidden tips on small travel blogs, we are changing that by providing a central platform for discovering the best travel blog posts. We will be offering users who like having their own blog to have their blog hosted through us for free and accessible through their own domain or subdomain with several templates to choose from, their posts are then accessible both through their blog and through TravelFeed. We are expecting that many (small) travel bloggers who make almost no revenues, get little interaction and pay for hosting of their blog will switch over to TravelFeed.
Right now our sorting algorithm is fairly simple, but in the future, the most relevant posts will be suggested for each user, e.g. if someone follows the topics urbex and hitchhiking, posts about these topics will rank higher when searching for "Albania".
The second aspect of our platform is the community, maybe comparable a little bit to the Tripadvisor forums, some Facebook groups or Couchsurfing. With the community features that we are working on, on TravelFeed, you will be able to easily get in touch with the authors of your favourite posts and with travellers who are in the same area or have similar interests, great for finding travel buddies.
You see that we have a huge roadmap, and no intention to become anything similar to Tripadvisor or Steemit :D

Now makes more sense. Great stuff. And I completely understand the positioning here. Wish you guys good luck and keep the motivation. I will be following the project and will shed light whenever I can. Let me know if there's any stuff I can help with.