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This week we've implemented many new enhancements, let's dive right into them. As always we need your feedback so please leave a comment or find us on our Discord Server to share your thoughts.

Post Article Publishing Social Media Sharing

After spending so much time writing your article, adding photos and videos, why not share your posts with your social media followers? After you hit that publish button via one of our editors, we're going to redirect you now to your published post where you get prompted to share this hot off the press article with your followers. We provide easy to use social media buttons to do so.

New Article Sidebar

We're giving your profile now extra exposure, any of your article pages now sports a sidebar highlighting your profile (with links to your social media accounts. You can update those links via the dashboard and the profile tab on the left hand side).

We also added a mini map if you pinned your article and a list of your recent posts on that sidebar.

New Article Layouts

We also gave the article page a general facelift, beautifying how we displaying quotes, article dividers and image captions. Making it easy on the eye when consuming travel content.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 12.40.06.png

On the very same article page but towards the end you'll find an updated recommended articles feature. You'll find now 4 tiles with photos and an excerpt of articles related to the current article the user is viewing. When hovering over these tiles, they will pop out making it irresistible not to click on them.

Please revise our minimum posting requirements. In general we encourage our users to use their own texts, images and videos but we don't mind if you help yourself with copyright free images, quotes from wikipedia and such, to underline or enhance your article. But please don't forget to link to your sources or your article might bet blacklisted or worse, your entire account.

Minimum Posting Requirements



New Features:

  • Improved map
    • Filtering
    • Map cards
    • Community and language maps
  • Curation tool

Bug fixes:

  • Different sort options for communities
  • Map pins fix
  • Show location badge only if location title exists
  • Location category is not restored when editing post
  • Google news rss feed images
  • Proxy rss feed images
  • Fix SimilarPostCard zoom in bug
  • Fix reply buttons width

New features:

  • Newly designed post page
    • More whitespace
    • Sidebar shows author profile (with social media), post location and recent posts
    • Newly designed recommended posts
    • Newly designed post components (quote, divider, image captions..)
    • Improve image sizing
  • New theme for front page sidebar
  • Social share dialog after publish
  • Dashboard design improvements
    • New Dashboard bottom navigation (mobile-only)


  • Various hardening measures
  • Tweemoji language selection flags in editor (fixes missing windows support for unicode country flag emojis)
  • Deliver GIFs through image proxy
  • Move language picker from advanced to general editor
  • Don't render empty blocks
  • Fix too high iframes on mobile
  • Add rss image
  • Fix UsernamePicker input issues

Winners of This Week's Round-up

And with all this exciting news, we don't want to forget to highlight our three favorite posts from this week. The rewards will go to the first three places as follows: 1st place - 14 STEEM or Hive, 2nd place - 7 STEEM or Hive and 3rd place - 3 STEEM or Hive.

We'll pay out the currency which has the highest USD value on given payout day.

The thumbnails are directly linked to the original posts. Please, click on the image and enjoy the read!

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