Update 3: Reindex complete

The indexes are fixed and TravelFeed.io should work as it's supposed to. We are still working on getting the Hivemind sync back up.

Update 2: Reindexing

We started a reindexing of the Hivemind database to fix bugs caused by incomplete indexes. This means significant performance impacts for the next hours until the reindexing is completed.

Update: Back online

The Hivemind migration has completed and TravelFeed.io is back online with all posts authored before yesterday accessible! We are still working on getting the Hivemind sync back in place and fixing some minor bugs.

Original Post

This morning we received numerous reports that TravelFeed was slow or unreachable. Suspecting an attack on our server, we enabled several measures, such as Cloudflare DDOS-protection, but it seemed that our server was targeted directly since the SSH connection to our server was unstable, making it difficult to further harden the server. After several hours we heard back from our server provider, aparrently there was a problem on their side, probably not an attack on our server. However, our server is still offline (but running) and only accessible through VNC, the provider was not able to fix the issue.

To make matters worse, the laptop of our developer @jpphotography is currently under repair, so he had to work from a live Linux system on @wanderein's laptop instead after realizing that this problem could not be fixed from his phone. Eventually, we decided to shut down our witness for now and migrate all data to our (former) witness server. The frontend and API are up and running already, so basic actions depending on our database or the Steem API such as logging in, saving drafts and posting are possible, but everything content-related such as posts is unavailable while we are migrating our Hivemind database.

We are aiming to get a backup server at a different provider up and running asap to avoid issues like this in the future. This has been high up on our list, but was postponed due to the high costs for a dedicated server.

We appreciate your patience!