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Welcome to today's Weekly Travelfeed roundup brought to you by [@elsaenroute]and [@for91days] (https://travelfeed.io/@for91days).

Today’s picks are filled with mysteries from different parts of the world. @livinguktaiwan takes us through the beautiful mountain range of Hanshini in Taiwan. These mountain ranges do have another interesting story to tell, the one that attracted many pilgrims towards it over the years.
@juancar347 brings us the art and mystery of the Camino de Santiago at the beautiful town of Llames de Parres in Asturias. This small village has preserved the remains of what might have been monasteries in ancient times. Read through the stories from Asturias with some carefully observed pieces of evidence from the doors and windows in the villages. The last is about how a younger generation brought colors and preserved their culture in a foreign land. It’s a story from Port Louis about the reconstruction of an old china town.

Please note - we are still in search for one more curator to cover a day or two a week. If you are interested, please contact us on discord (kindly find a link at the bottom of the page). Now let’s get reading!

Three BEST posts of the week

A quick recap - For the weekly round-up, we feature the best 3 posts out of the ones previously featured in the daily topic curation posts in the past week. The rewards will go to the first three places as follows: 1st place - 3 STEEM, 2nd place - 2 STEEM and 3rd place - 1 STEEM.

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The 1st Place

Hanshini - a weird place up in the mountains 奇妙的寒溪呢
written by @livinguktaiwan

Never have I been to such a weird place up in the mountains before. When hiking in Taiwan, I've trekked many beautiful trails, passed through villages, and visited temples. This weird place I'm talking about is called Hanshini and is a retreat hidden up in the mountains at Chiayi.

The 2nd Place

Art and Mystery on the Camino de Santiago: Llames de Parres, Asturias
written by @juancar347

Leaving the council of Piloña one enters Parres', very hilly and not so fertile or populated with trees like the one where the plots of the two old families of Nevares and Corderos are located, which pride themselves on descending from the paladins of Pelayo

The 3rd Place

Mauritius #3 – A new generation is changing the faded old Chinatown
written by @digi-me

Chinatown is the heart of the Chinese community in Port Louis. It covers a few blocks between the two «Friendship gates» on Royal Street. Maybe the smallest Chinatown in the world outside China! Despite its size it is a center of commerce. When the Chineese immigrants settled along and around Royal Street, they started trading.

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