Hey there travelmaniacs and Steemitians! I'm back once again for another travel story of mine. This is one of the many solo travel stories that I have in the past few years. For today's travel story, I'll be sharing to you about my solo exploration to the Roxas City in Capiz province, the seafood capital of the Philippines.

The statue of Manuel A. Roxas, the former and 5th President of the Philippines

It was the time when I have a scheduled cryptocurrency event (where I was the guest speaker) sometime in April 2018 at Roxas City. It's also an opportunity for me to visit that city for the first time.

In order for me to get there from the BREDCO port in Bacolod City, I ride in an OceanJet fastcraft boat for P300 or $6.00, which is good for one-way trip to Iloilo City (excluding terminal fee). The time duration of the trip from Bacolod to Iloilo is approximately more than an hour. After docking to the Iloilo port, I immediately purchased my last trip to Bacolod in advance for the following day, so that I would not be falling in line anymore. The last trip is around 5:15 P.M. for the next day.

After that, I fall in line to ride a taxi to the Tagbak terminal where I can ride a van going straight to Roxas City. I forgot how much did I pay to ride on a van going to Roxas City, which can accommodate 10 to 12 people. The duration of the trip from the Tagbak terminal to Roxas City is approximately 3 to 4 hours (depends on traffic and road construction). Unfortunately, it took me 4 hours to get there because of the heavy road construction that leads to traffic. What matters is that I did arrived to Roxas City around lunch time.

Hello Roxas City!

When I arrived at the Roxas City terminal, I immediately eat an affordable lunch there. I think ate a fried chicken with rice and Mountain Dew. After that, I ride on a tricycle going to Robinson's Place Mall in Roxas City to have a coffee and finishing my slides for the cryptocurrency presentation to the community. One of my high school batchmates contacted me about my whereabouts because he was working in Roxas City as an engineer. I thought we would see each other, but unfortunately I have limited time due to my scheduled presentation.

After finishing the rest of the Powerpoint slides, I proceed to check-in to Pete's Inn Hotel. I remember that when I booked at Pete's Inn, I paid around P480 or $9.60 (including taxes and charges) for a standard room with fan. Since I'm a budget traveler, I am booking the most affordable room. However, there is no aircon. I refreshed myself, change clothes and ride a tricycle to the BeanLeaf Coffee & Tea function room for my cryptocurrency presentation.

This is me teaching the community about the basics of cryptocurrency at the BeanLeaf Coffee & Tea at Roxas City.

Posing and eating together with the Roxas cryptocurrency community.

Sausage and kikiam balls! So freakin’ delicious!

Toasted ham and cheese sandwich with chips

After my successful presentation to them, one of the community members invited me to have a seafood dinner with her. I called her "Ma'am Nen", and she was in her 40's.

Since Roxas City is the seafood capital of the Philippines, it's an opportunity for me to try some of their best restaurants. Good thing that she highly recommend El Maria's Palabok House & Resto. However, the price of their seafood here was in US dollars as I remembered. She treated me for the dinner. We take a tricycle from the BeanLeaf Coffee & Tea to El Maria's Palabok House & Resto.

One of the best seafood restaurants in Roxas City

Baked scallops is so mouth-watering!

Yummylicious tinola na isda soup

Isol na inasal barbecue

Thank you ma’am Nen for the seafood dinner treat!

Even though we only met for the first time, she was a very kind and humble person. She was very passionate when it comes to cryptocurrency, so I did gave her some good advice about the risks and potentials in investing while eating our dinner. I thanked her for the seafood dinner treat at El Maria's Palabok House and Resto. I have to be honest, it was freaking delicious!

After the dinner, ma'am Nen and I ride again on the tricycle as she went back home and I go back to my hotel room at Pete's Inn. I can still work there because they have strong WiFi connection and their staff is so accommodating. I have no problem with my sleep too, as I set the fan's speed to a maximum. It's good enough for me anyways.

On the next day, I ate some breakfast at their dining area. I think I've ordered a corned beef with egg with rice and brewed coffee. I take a shower, packed my stuff and ready for check out at Pete's Inn. Before heading back to Iloilo City, I took some time roaming around the city.

The Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral in Roxas City

Pointing to the Manuel A. Roxas statue

The Roxas City river

Roaming around the Roxas City plaza

After exploring a bit of Roxas City, it's time for me to visit the Crypto Cafe and have some cookies & cream frappucino. The interior design looks awesome!

Welcome to the Crypto Cafe!

The official logo of Crypto Cafe

A dining table where we can sit crossed legs?

Look at those amazing signs inside the cafe!

Look at these amazing interior designs!

Checking out the other area of Crypto Cafe

Facing the entrance door

Checkin’ the upper floor!

Another angle of Crypto Cafe’s upper floor

The function room of Crypto Cafe Roxas City

Sippin’ my frappucino drink at the Crypto Cafe

After spending some time at the Crypto Cafe, I bought some finger foods and water to bring with me while heading off to the Roxas City terminal. Once again, I ride on a van since it's much faster than the bus because I need to catch up the last trip of OceanJet Iloilo. It took me more than 3 hours to reach Tagbak Terminal and I ride a taxi going to the Iloilo port immediately.

Since I already bought a ticket in advance, I don't need to fall in line just to buy ticket and catch up the last trip from Iloilo City to Bacolod City. Overall, it was an amazing experience for me in exploring a bit in Roxas City for the first time.

**If I recall my favorite moment in Roxas City? The seafood dinner, especially baked scallops, tinola soup and the isol barbecue. **

Thank you so much for your time in reading my travel story for today. I hope this would encourage my fellow travelers here on TravelFeed and Steemit to explore Roxas City and try some seafood! It is why Roxas City in Capiz Province was dubbed as the seafood capital of the Philippines! I would definitely be back here one day!

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