What's up travelmaniacs! I am back again for another one of my travel stories. In my last published travel story, I did share about our family getaway to the Campuestohan Highland Resort. As for today's travel story, I'm gonna share to all Travelfeed and Steemit community about our fambam getaway to Isla De Gigantes!

Behold my family at Cabugao Island in Isla De Gigantes

Months after our family getaway at Campuestohan Highland Resort, my sister planned for us to have another fambam adventure again. This time, we are going to Isla De Gigantes!

My sister’s close friend, Mikee, owns an online travel agency. They’ve contacted each other about the price of the Isla De Gigantes travel package for the entire family. I have totally forgotten how much did I contribute that time, but it doesn’t matter anyway. What matters to me is that the entire fambam is gonna go to Isla De Gigantes for the first time in our lives.

We brought our car as my dad geared it up for full gas mode. From the Banago Port in Bacolod City, we go to Dumangas in Iloilo City via RORO ferry (where it can load and unload vehicles). After reaching the Dumangas Port, we go straight to Carles for approximately more than 3 hours (4 hours and 20 minutes if you commute via Ceres bus with 1 stopover).

We left our car at the port, packed our things and head over to the motor bangka and head off to Isla De Gigantes.

Heading off to the island of the giants!

Wanna get stranded?

Look at that awesome view!

Mom the explorer!

The romantic pose of my parents!

The island where we stay overnight

Before going to one of the many islands in Isla De Gigantes (where we actually stayed overnight), we managed to do some island hopping. One of them is a tiny island with just one big “bahay-kubo” structure, which is a snack bar. I didn’t choose to drop myself on the island, as we already have our snacks with us.

After that, we proceed to another island, and the one where it is time for us to check in our assigned rooms.

Our room in Isla De Gigantes. No aircon sorry, just fresh air and electric fan. It’s cool anyways.

The dining table for guests

Comfort room for both genders. “Babae” means ladies.

Grilled scallops on sticks

Steamed scallops. Lots of these!

Kinilaw scallops. Yummy!

Lovin’ the sinugba fish

Enjoyin’ the seafood dinner with the fambam!

Since I love scallops, it’s one of their main dish for guests. They have steamed and grilled scallops on sticks, kinilaw, sinugba fish along rice and some fruits. The good thing is that scallops are unlimited. In Carles, they call it the “Scallops Capital of the Philippines”, where fishermen are diving in to collect lots of them everyday and distribute it to markets in Iloilo and the rest of the Philippines.

They also entertain us with some karaoke. However, we choose not to sleep late as we will head out on our early morning island hopping tour. We take a good night rest after dinner.

On the following day, they prepared breakfast for the guests and here are they!

Fried fish yeah!

With sunny side up eggs!

Tryin’ out the decapoda! Whoa!!!

After our breakfast, it’s time for us to head on two of the highlights of our Isla De Gigantes Tour, the famous Cabugao Island and the sandbar!

Touchdown Cabugao Island!

Me and my beautiful siblings!

Walkin’ around the Cabugao Island

Assemblin’ a mini-city ei?

Magnificent view! The highlight of them all!

After enjoying our time at the famous Cabugao Island, it’s time for us to go to the sandbar, where it’s on the other island! While on that island, we managed to see a crazy Asian travel vlogger doing his own “vlogging” at the sandbar. I didn’t managed to take a video clip or photo of him though, lol. Anyways, here are some pictures we have in the sandbar.

Gettin’ wet with my sistah!

Me doing the “Hulk Smash” with my sisters “splashed” away

What an epic jump shot by my sistah!

Now it’s our turn!

Way to go mom!

My sisters in “Supergirl” mode towards mom and dad!

Another unforgettable experience by the fambam!

Although that this is the last time we do a fambam adventure, it is truly an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. All I can say is that our 2-day escapade in Isla De Gigantes was truly worth it. However, my sister Aira, did got back there again with her colleagues a few years later.

I am not saying that this is gonna be the final time that we will travel together. It’s just that my parents are having limited time and busy from their respective jobs until retirement. Now that they’ve retired, maybe we could do another fambam adventure in some places we never visited yet. Hopefully this year, it would happen for at least a day or two.

For my upcoming travel stories, it’s now more on solo trips and a few unforgettable trips with my dear sister, Aira. Thank you so much for your time in reading today's travel story about our family trip to Isla De Gigantes.

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