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Firstly - Have you ever seen an elephant? Tell me about your experience in the comments!


These gigantic but gentle beasts are one of my favourite animals on the planet and I was lucky enough to see them in the wild in Sri Lanka. I took almost 2000 photos in 4 hours but here are a few of my favourites! Please enjoy them along with some Ele-facts!


Ele-fact #1

Elephants get their name from the Greek word "Elephas" which means ivory!


Ele-Fact #2

Elephants usually live to be between 60 - 70 years old but the oldest ever known Elephant was 86 ! Living from 1917 - 2003!


Ele-Fact #3

The trunk is its most valuable limb. It's so delicate that it can pick up tiny blades of grass and food but strong enough to break trees. With its trunk, an Elephant can drink upwards of 14 litres at a time!!

Ele-Fact #4

Social roles exist amongst the herds. The bulls tend to live along and leave its herd around 12 years old whereas the females of the group always stick together. The elders are the leaders!

Ele-Fact #5

The males tusks can grown between 6 and 10 inches per year and are primarily used to uproot trees, dig for roots and defend themselves against threats!


With the shocking declining numbers of wild Elephants , along with many other beautiful species, I really hope that whoever is reading this gets the chance to see these lovely creatures in the wild!

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