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Today I would like to take you to the most visited and oldest park at Copenhagen - Rosenborg Castle Gardens. Within the park, it has Rosenborg Castle and this park used to be the garden for King Christian IV.

We visited during autumn so most of the leaves have already fallen from the trees. Unlike the photos you see online or on travel guides, coming here in autumn or winter can be a bit disappointing with bare trees. This park was huge! On a nice sunny summer day, flowers will be flourishing and many people will sit on the grass enjoying the sunshine.




Normally this avenue will look prettier but due to the season we were there, it didn’t look as impressive.


Here we see Rosenborg Castle. As you can see from the photos, we arrived late in the afternoon so the castle was closed to visitors. In Denmark, many things were closed early in the autumn/winter months so if you are planning to visit Denmark during this season, do keep that in mind. You can see the displace of the Crown Jewels and the Danish Crown. Also to take note you can also so the Throne Chair of Denmark which is located inside the castle. It as shame we didn’t make it in time for the visit but will definitely try to visit there next time.



Also, we notice that as it gets late in the after (around 3pm onwards), the streets get very quiet. Probably the weather gets pretty cold so they go home, get ready for dinner and stay warm indoors. As there is no shelter apart from the castle, if you are going to visit during winter, it is best to rug up.


Really liked this line of trees but the sun was on my face



I highly recommend visiting this park. Not only you see Rosenborg Castle but you can enjoy some flowers if you go during the right season.

大家好,今天想帶大家到在哥本哈根最多人參觀和最歷史悠久的公園 - 羅森堡花園. 公園裏還有很有名的羅森堡城堡。因為我們是秋天去的所有樹葉都開始沒有所以拍照的時候就覺得跟網上看的那麼吸引。這個公園非常大而且有羅森堡城堡所以來參觀的時候就可以慢慢看。城堡裏有不同丹麥的珍貴寶藏但因為我們去的時候已經關門所以就沒有看到。如果你們在秋天或冬天去參觀,一定要早點去因為很多旅遊景點都很早就關門。


animation by @catwomanteresa

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