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Since Steem Fest is just a few months away, let me share you some of my travels during my last travel to Krakow. I realised I haven’t shared them yet so let me take you around what I saw during my week at Krakow. To start off, let’s go to the Main Square at Krakow. It is also a must visit place when you are in town.

 main square krakow.jpg

The old square is a large square with many shops, cafes, hotels, and some important landmarks. There are also small stands around the middle the square selling souvenirs with many tourists standing around taking photos and enjoying the surroundings. There are also horse carriages where tourists can hire so they can be taken around the square and surrounding without needing to walk around themselves.


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Due to the kids, there are some places we didn’t go in but we did take photos of the outside like St. Mary's Basilica below.



This is Adam Mickiewicz Monument which is considered a popular meeting spot for the locals. The square is pretty big so standing near the statue will be a good start when you want to find each other.


And of course, there is shopping and some nice restaurant and bars around the square. There is never a dull moment.


IMG_1864 (2).JPG

The other thing I love about the square is there are so many side streets you can explorer and someone you can find some cool stores. Or just take in the surroundings and enjoy the structures and buildings along the street.


IMG_1841 (1).JPG





animation by @catwomanteresa

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