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As we finish off the coffee and tea level of Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo, let's continue on the 3rd level where they serve alcohol with an element of coffee. I don’t drink alcohol so I didn’t buy a drink from this level. I did see the huge roaster through the building Which I thought was decorated nice and shiny. There was plenty of seating inside and less crowded and noisy compared to the ground level serving coffee.

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Apart from the indoor area, there is a large outdoor area overlooking the river. In autumn, you could see the cherry blossom along the river and would just be like the travel photos you see on brochures. It was extra cold when we visited and Starbucks was offering blankets for people so they can enjoy the outdoor area.

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We continued to the top level where workshops would be held here on certain days. That day, there were just people catching up with friends over this area and you would need to purchase your drinks downstairs and bring them. Don’t worry, you can also travel up by the lift if you don’t use the stairs.




Just before you leave on the ground level, remember to check out the gift section. Many of these products are only exclusive to this store so be sure to buy something. Just a heads up, things are cheap here but I guess they do have the special products from this store and it would be nice to have that as a memory.

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