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Today I’ll be taking you to the beautiful Český Krumlov Castle at Czech Republic. We only stayed one night in Český Krumlov so we made sure to visit the castle the day we arrived as we need to leave the town the following morning. After left our bags at our accommodation, we made our way to the castle. The castle was full of people in the late afternoon and was pretty steep when walking up.

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The castle was very big so there was plenty of room for everyone. Just like many castles, everything looked like how it used to with a bit of modern touch to it. The buildings around the castle had the old greyish look which I believe would have been the original walls of the castle back in the old times.








As we were walking up, we got to the bridge where you see one of the nicest views of Český Krumlov. It was just so beautiful. Even though when we visit it was late autumn, there was still some autumn leaves to be seen. Imagine the day was a bit sunnier, the photos would have come out differently. Have you seen this view on postcards or travel magazines/blogs? The last time I came to Czech Republic, I missed out on this view so this time I made sure I have to visit the castle.

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If you were to visit Český Krumlov, do visit the castle as it was worth seeing the view and understand a bit of the town’s history.






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