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It's been a while between our first TRAVEL VLOG and this one as our weekend work got the better of us and by the time we got home, we just wanted to relax and put on a TV series instead of editing our travel videos. However, here it is, our second part of our recent Vientiane trip.

Highlights of the video:

After ending the last video outside the 'Vegetarian In The Golden Age' restaurant, where you can get a vegetarian buffet for 30,000 kip (just over $3) per person, we decided to head to Patuxai Victory Monument, which was only a short walk away. Patuxai is a war monument that was built between 1957-1968 and is a monument to those who struggled for independence from France as Laos used to be a former colony of France. It does resemble the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. However, it is decorated with mythical creatures known only in South East Asia.

We decided to explore the outside (taking pictures) and the grounds surrounding the monument before paying 6,000 kip in total, which ended up being a $1 as we didn't have any kip yet, to go up. That was for the both of us. There's quite a few stairs to the top with a few souvenir stands/market, but once you make it the views are amazing and there is a nice breeze (at least on the day we were there). The monument has three tiers in which you can stop and enjoy the 360 degree views of Vientiane. As we mention in the video, luckily Vientiane is not as built up as other South East Asia capitals and there is also a sense of calmness.

Was it worth the $1 ($0.50 each)? Watch the video and find out!

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