Birthday Today

Hey guys hope you all are doing well . Yes Today is my birthday , I am 24 now . I wanted to share it because you people are a part of my family . So from now you all have to remember my birthday every year , Lols .


So today I will be sharing a place with you guys which is very close to my heart and my all time favourite place . Its around 600 km from my hometown and I visit there every summers but This year I am just missing that place and was just seeing the pictures so I thought to write a blog for you guys . The place is Dehradun situated in Uttrakhand , India .

Why I like it

Dehradun is a city with every beautiful thing which nature has provided like Greenery , Mountains , Waterfalls , Scenic beauty etc . Its surrounded by our mother river Ganga , That is why it is blessed with all these things . The freshness of this place can be seen in its food , fruits and their friendly people .


It is a perfect budget trip for your family or friends . I usually visit that place by riding my royal enfield but one can reach their by road as well as by air . Hotels and food are very cheap so it doesnt add more to your pocket . Places to visit there are mostly without ticket so yes it can be considered as a perfect budget trip .

Places to visit 

Some of the beautiful places which must be on yout visit list are Sehstradhara (It is a place with 100 pools and waterfalls) , Robber's cave(A cave with waterfall and beautiful mountains) , Tapkeshwar temple (lord shiva's temple) and bhudist monestry(perfect place for peace) .