Frame Work of Narrative

This narration is based in the city of lakes which is Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.
As every other regular college student, planning a trip was and will always be my go to topic in every gathering. One of a successful discussion made me and my pals fulfill our dream of friends trip out of station. As every story should be, we too had a very happy beginning. The journey started at a extreme excited note. Smiling , cracking jokes, clicking pictures, sharing food, even a dull road was enjoyable. Oh and now I am feeling nostalgic.

There indeed is a huge history about that beautiful place, it's 7 lakes, architecture marvel forts, romantic places and not to forget it is too a extremely popular place for destination wedding of big fat Indian weddings. Rest the pictures which I will fill up as a gallery here, will give you enough glance of the city.

Not a water baby!

As it is famous for the lakes, we went there to enjoy every aspect possible Our first destination amongst the water bodies was Fatehsagar Lake . This was quite deep with amusing scenic views. Boating was major attraction obviously but with that there were many vendors selling different local food items which were delicious I swear! Not to forget that this city survives majorly on tourist like what else can you expect from a naturally, culturally and architecturally rich city.

Love is in the water
Love is in the water

There were camels and horse's rides available too. After enjoying the food and rides, boating was only thing left there. Only I among the group had water phobia and didn't knew how to swim. That what made me deny boating along with my friends.

Drowning gives you instant flashbacks!

I was sitting on the border wall or can say parapet wall which surrounded lake, so that I could easily see my friends enjoying boating. But I started walking on that wall as it was quite thick and many people around were too fooling the same way I did as I was getting bored. But trust me fooling around such places makes you a fool.
As expected I tripped down the wall on the lake's side and started drowning. On those moments, I saw in the movies that people have a flashback n all, I literally experienced it. Yes, I was panicking, It was surreal experience even my friends were far away and couldn't jump into water and save me on time.
By now you guys must be knowing that as I am alive and sharing my story so there must have been someone who saved me, and yeah that's true.

Heroic Drag queer.

There is a community of transgenders in India who beg for living but not to forget many transgenders do other works for living as well. So one of the kind hearted person just dived and took me out of my almost death pool.
Oh she was my Savior. I literally owe my life to her. She asked me to call her" didi" ( elder sister in Hinduism) And if it wasn't didi's bravery and kindness then I wouldn't be able to write about it today.
Later we had lunch together and exchanged numbers too as She wasn't active on social media.
I genuinely wish to do something good for them in life, maybe giving them employment when I will be capable of doing so.
Anyways one who do good gets good.