Hello Steemitverse!

Today I’m going to take you to Italy in the cheapest and easiest way without passport or visa, without buying the expensive plane tickets and without traveling miles away... specially if you are from the Philippines!


Don’t be confuse guys with what you saw but yes, I will be taking you at Venice Grand Canal in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Venice Grand Canal Mall was inspired by one of Italy’s most romantic cities, the Venice (obvoiusly! 😅) located at Upper McKinley Hill Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.

This was created by one of the country’s top developer, the Megaworld Corporation and opened to the public on the later part of 2015, but it was the only time I got a chance to visit this spectacular place.

From our accommodation at Pasay City, we ride the taxi that will bring us to this place.
By the way, if you’re not familiar with the place just simply tell to “Kuya driver” to take you to BGC (Bonifacio Global City) at Venice Grand Canal, or better to use the Grab App for easier way of getting a cab and precise destination. The fare was more or less 300.00 pesos.


When we arrived, we are greeted by the Venetian architectural design of the building which is actually the mall entrance. You heard it right! The Venice Grand Canal is a shopping mall.



With signage on the hall way for you to find the right turns of your desired stop.







As we walk through inside the entrance we are welcomed by these incredibly stunning view that resembles the floating city of Venice with the tall towers of residencial condominiums, around the canal are the mall establisments such theater, restaurant, cafe, boutique, stalls, kiosk and lot more that you can see in the shopping mall.





And of course the famous love locks on the bridge, the exciting gondola ride with the cheerful boatman who will sing the classic Italian opera, and the intriguing bar, cafe and restaurant at the middle of the canal (Empire Bar).
The Gondola ride will take 10 minutes and cost 400.00 pesos per person.




It is interesting to roam around the mall with the classic Italian Opera playing all over the area. You can see people enjoying the view, taking photographs and selfies and be fooled by the living statues. 😂

Aside from exploring the mall, one of our aim was to watch movie... The Nun. 😱😱






The theater was located at the near end of the canal inside the building. There is a living statue standing on the entrance, atleast have a photo with her and be generous enough to drop a bill on the box.

The cinema on the second floor was quite modish from the hall to the theater room. We purchased the tickets but it is still early for the scheduled show time at 3:05 PM, so we decided to grab our take-out lunch from Sbarro... pizza, macaroni, bottled of water and softdrinks, with chips and popcorn from the food stall near the cinema that we are going to bring inside the theater.

...And its show time! But sorry guys, can’t show you the movie. Everyone knows that taking photos and videos are probihited and I don’t want to end up in jail. Lol!
All I have here is the short clip of our tour here at Grand Canal, please enjoy this 1:11 minute vid 🎦👇🏼:

By the way, the movie was not so scary and some scenes was kinda funny, if you watched the movie you know what I mean. 😂

We had a great time in this very empressive Italian inspired mall, an exceptional experience for a wanderer like me that has no capacity at this moment to be in the real romantic city of Venice!

Hope you had a great time too reading my blog.
Thank you and happy weekend! 😊❤️