Epic Pictures From Bluff Knoll Mountain Peak In Western Australia

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· July 2018 · 2 min read · #teamaustralia

Epic Pictures From Bluff Knoll Mountain Peak In Western Australia

Bluff Knoll is one of the most epic hikes you can undertake in Western Australia. This beautiful, rugged mountain peak stands at 1099 metres and although it's not the tallest mountain in the state, it's certainly the most legendary.

Bluff Knoll is one of the only places in Western Australia to ever experience snowfall, a strange and rare sight in the harsh, hot and arid landscapes of WA.

The climate at the top is much cooler than the ground below, and mist continually swirls around the summit, creating a strange microclimate that can catch unwary hikers off guard and that once or twice a year creates the perfect conditions for a few centimetres of snow. It's not much, but it's enough snow to make Bluff Knoll an iconic and unique place.

The hike to the summit is gruelling, step and beautiful. As I walked up, the climate began to drastically change, and by the time I reached the summit, despite the warm sunny weather at the start, I was now surrounded by cloud and reaching for my jumper to keep warm.

The views from the top, over the nearby Stirling Range National Park and the endless landscapes of Western Australia. The walk takes 3 to 4 hours return and is only 3 kilometres each way, but still a physical, uphill challenge.

Here are the most epic pictures from my hike to the summit of Bluff Knoll!














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Hmm them pics are really nice ;) I like themost the one which is before/after the pic where you spread the arms :)

Thanks :)

Absolutely beautiful photos. Would love to go one day. Thanks for sharing.

Where exactly is it?

This is in Western Australia, south of Perth and north of Albany!

This is in Western
Australia, south of Perth and
North of Albany!

                 - traveltramp

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Nice! And I thought the western side of Australia was flat? I've only done the east but plan to di the weat hoepfully next year!

Looks more epic than what I hiked in Tully that's for sure!

It is. This place is the only little spike in all of the south of WA

Yeah there aren't many mountains, that's why Bluff Knoll is so unique!

The snow is cool but the crowds are crazy when it's on. We had to walk in from the main road because the carpark was full and they weren't letting us drive in.

Oh wow, it was quite quiet when I visited, that was before there was any snow though.

Thanks for the information to go with the marvelous photo's. I especially liked the 7th and 8th photo. But they all are beautiful. And also congratz on your curie!

Thank you!