My Pictures From The Wild Coastline Of Albany, Western Australia

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My Pictures From The Wild Coastline Of Albany, Western Australia

Albany is a much under rated and under visited city on the far southern coastline of Western Australia. It's a small city, but a historic one. It was the first settlement to be founded by Europeans on the west coast of Australia and its roots stretch far back beyond the early 19th century, to the many indigineous Noongar people who called the land home for thousands of years.

Albany is a wild place. A rugged land, outside of the city. It's a place that's unmatched for beauty, in this windswept and green way, anywhere else in the country. The coastline is absolutely glorious, home to a dense network of national parks that for the most part are so untouched and deserted that you will find yourself the only person around for miles.

There are incredible hikes to make, epic swimming spots to cool off in and wonderful boulders, rocks and areas of just staggering beauty to explore.

I spent a few months living in the Albany region, exploring all that the coastline has to offer visitors, from the turquoise bays and weather beaten cliffs to the beautiful white sands and cloud covered hills.

Here are the best pictures from Albany, Western Australia


The wild coast of the Torndirrup National Park (pictured above and below) is beautiful. This is a coastline that is constantly beset by storms and winds, so much so that many wind farms have been set up along the cliffs to harvest the natural power of the intense wind that sweeps across the land. The Natural Bridge is a famous site that had been hollowed out by waves over milenia, and it truly is a remarkable formation.






The spectacular Two People's Bay (below) is another incredible spot to visit in Albany, surrounded by granite boulders that looks as if they fell from the sky, this sheltered area is beautiful, with many hidden coves awaiting you over the hills too.





And the rest of the city and more importantly the surrounding landscapes are simply glorious. Here are a few more pictures from Albany!





All words and photos by Richard Collett

You can check out the best things to do in Albany, Western Australia, on my website Travel Tramp

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babacan @babacanAugust 2018

love it


thank you :)


you've probably seen this but its a photo from the gap last month during some big seas and swells.


some crazy power in that southern ocean




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Such a beautiful part of the world down there around Albany.


It's such a lovely place!