The Giant Balancing Rocks of the Porongurups!

In the remote region of southern Western Australia, can be found one of the most peculiar natural sights in the country. The Balancing Rocks of the Porongurups are an unusual sight to see, as they huge granite boulders have been balanced precariously upon each other for thousands of years and they have yet to fall over.


The Porongurups ##'

The Porongurups are a small area of boulders and hills near to the impressive Stirling Range, 500 kilometres from Perth and 100 kilometres from Albany. The Porongurups are a protected national park, an area of diverse wildlife and epic scenery.

A huge granite boulder sits on top of a raised hill, and a skywalk has been built to allow visitors to climb the metal ladder to the top of this rock, and to experience epic views across the otherwise flat landscape of the area.

This huge rock is known as Castle Rock, for its behemoth size.







The Balancing Rocks

The stars of the show though, are the Balancing Rocks.

These are found halfway up the trail to the base of the huge Castle Rock, and are an incredible sight to behold. These huge rocks are literally balanced ontop of each. The weather has shaped them and hollowed out the precarious edge and smoothed these granite boulders into the wonderful yet slightly intimidating rocks you see today.

Across the range, these rocks can be seen, balanced on one another as if thrown there by giants. It's a truly incredible sight to see!






All words and pictures by Richard Collett!