The Giant Trees of Pemberton, Western Australia!

In the Great Southern region of Western Australia can be found the incredible sight of dense, tree filled forests. In Western Australia, outside of this green area in the south, large forests are a rarity, but what makes these forests even more incredible, is the insane size that the trees can grow to.

These huge Kari trees are absolutely enormous, and it's perfectly reasonable for individual trees to grow up to lofty heights. The tallest tree in the region is measured at a staggering 75 metres in height and it was used as a fire watch lookout for decades, as it stands high above the surrounding canopy, which is tall enough as it is!

The trees form part of a huge national park, Gloucester National Park, that helps to protect the area. It's found just outside of the town of Pemberton and it's an incredibly humbling place to visit.

I travelled to Pemberton to visit this national park and to stand beneath these tall and ancient trees. I was amazed at the height and the age of them.

I even had the opportunity to climb to the top of the tallest ones, as metal ladders have been placed into the trunks, to allow visitors to reach the ttop of the tree and to look out over the vast forest that stretches for hundreds of kilometres to the horizon.

It's a brilliant experience, but a terrifying one too!

Would you climb to the top of these trees?!

Here are the best pictures of the giant trees of Pemberton!












Richard Collett