These Boulders Are Absolutely Epic! Would You Dare To Swim Here??!

Travel Tramp Rich @traveltrampApril 2018 ยท 2 min read

The Babinda Boulders In Australia Are Absolutely Epic!

I've been travelling along the East Coast of Australia, getting off the beaten track, camping out and exploring the stunning scenery.

I've found some truly incredible places which I've been showing you all here on Steemit, but one place really stood out during my adventure.

These are the Babinda Boulders, an epic place of natural beauty, a place where a raging torrent crashes down from the mountains into epic boulders and rocks below.

The Babinda Boulders of Cairns Australia

The Boulders are outside the city of Cairns in North Queensland. They are giant, giant boulders, smoothed and polished by the creek water that flows from the high mountains surrounding it.

They are quite simply, awesome. There's an epic swimming hole at the top of the creek, before the water plunges down through the giant boulders and rages along the creekbed.

The swimming hole is calm, quiet and refreshingly cold, but head any further along the creek and things can get dangerous. The water turns into a torrent- especially after heavy rain- and people have been swept away and drowned in the pools, so much so that locally the boulders are known as Devils Pool. Many have never returned fro their casual swim...

A raised vantage point offers incredibly stunning views over the mountains, rainforest and the boulders, and it's also the perfect drone launching platform too for those beautiful aerial shots of the boulders.

What do you think guys? Would you go swimming here?!

This article originally appeared on my website Travel Tramp in an edited format. All photos and words by Richard Collett

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Beautiful pictures ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ I don't know if I would go swimming there... sound dangerous ๐Ÿ˜„ maybe I would wet my feet.


Haha yes thatโ€™s all I did to be honest I wet my feet in the creek and turned around


Very nice photos! Nice work and beautiful stuff!


Thank you!!


Hope I will be there oneday.. amazing place


It is really awesome!!


Yes, I would! :) looks really amazing!

sidsun @sidsunApril 2018

So friggin is that!!!


I have been there many times when I lived in FNQ. The first pool near the car park is the safest place to swim. It is also handy free camp spot for those on the road. Nice pictures.