A Couple of Street Art Works: Amateur vs Professional

Trincowski @trincowski18 days ago · 2 min read

On one of my recent trips to Madrid, in Spain, I've saw a couple of interesting works very close to each other.

The first was a triple feature done by a Street Artist, with nice Graffiti painted over the doors of this defunct Pizzeria.


That guy kept staring at me while leaning onto the lamppost, as if he was a model or something. 😂

He was probably thinking I was a weirdo by taking the shot with him looking straight at me, so I didn't have the nerve to come closer and take more shots. The motorbike and the tree were in front of one drawing, the guy was covering the frontal angle of the other, so I only took a single shot and moved on.

Here's a crop of the above image, so you can better see the details in the drawings.


The drawing on the right is particularly fascinating to me... an image of a girl standing next to a caged bird, with the phrase "Le gustava porque era su ave" which translates to "She liked it because it was her bird."

All three images seem to have the common theme of liberty. Or lack of liberty... Interesting work, altogether.

A few steps ahead I saw another fascinating work, this time ordered to and delivered by a professional company that works with mosaics. They made the front decorations of this local Spanish Restaurant, named Casa Macareno.


Both drawings are representative of the wine industry, which this restaurant owner seems really proud of. Or maybe he just loves to sell the wine so that their customers open their pockets a little bit. 😜

Again, here's a crop of the image so you can admire the details.


So, what do you think... are amateur Street Artists really that amateur, when compared to professionals? I think not.

Both photos were taken with my old but faithful Windows Phone, which has a really excellent camera! 😎

CameraMicrosoft Lumia 950 XL
LocationMadrid, Spain
Photos2 (Edited with GIMP)

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Very different works... difficult to judge. Maybe two restaurant owners who don't have the same bank account.


One of them was already closed for business. I don't know if he moved or went bankrupt, though. Thanks for your visit.


I love street art!
Great examples. Thanks for sharing.


I'm glad you enjoyed it. Many thanks for your visit.


Man this would have been perfect for #marketfriday my friend. Wonderful photos... love street shots. Thank you for sharing!

@alliedforces curate
@tipu curate


Thank you very much! When I make a #marketfriday post, you'll see a real market! Eeheeheh! This is just a regular #Graffiti post for me. 😉

Nice to have your visit.


I like the first one .....
Don't able t understand the second one....


The second one has two images: on the left there's a transportable wine tank, on the right side, it's a wine cellar.

Thanks for your visit.


Как всегда - интересная работа


Два хороших художника. Спасибо!


both have charm. hard to say which one is better.
thx for sharing.


Thanks a lot for your visit and comment. 😁


Professionals usually start out as amateurs themselves. There's really no big difference aside from the fact that one gets paid more and the other might get paid or never paid.


And that's the truth. No artist starts as a professional. 😁


Liberty! An interesting concept.

It's a sign that not everyone is free. And if you every find one, freem him.

We should have freedom of movement, expression and going to wherever we want to, not being restricted in a cage.


Thanks a lot for your considerate comment. I appreciate that very much. 😊


what a wonderful Street, full of arts. Even the colours of the houses were looks like an art. Yeah, I agree about that girl painting. That guy maybe thought that you'll hire him as a model.haha


Ahahah. See? This photo was taken with my new camera. A little bit better than the other one, eh?