Antique and Miscellaneous Market in Vila do Conde (Portugal)

Trincowski @trincowski
· January 2019 · 3 min read · Portugal · #marketfriday

I've found out a very cute market, on a Saturday morning while I was walking in Vila do Conde.

Unfortunately, the merchants were already preparing to pack up their things and go, as it was almost lunch time. I need to investigate in which dates this market is set up, because I liked what I saw.

For this #MarketFriday initiative by @dswigle, I'll leave you with a few shots of some of the cool stuff I encountered.

Here's @dswigle's post, if you're interested: Market Friday Goes into the Woods

First of all, let's take a look at the overall view of this market and its various stands.


This gentleman was checking the quality of one of the products he had on display. Here's an animated GIF, just for fun.


This lady was selling all kinds of stuff, from Board Games to Stuffed Animal Toys, Porcelain Dolls, a Doll House, Pots and other Cookware, Christmas Decorations, Frames for Paintings, Plants, you name it... You really need to zoom in to see it all.


The prices were very accessible. Most stuff was in second hand, after all.

In this stand, a couple was selling Used Books and some Collectables such as Old Coins and Stamps.


The man had no problem posing for the photo but his wife was just too shy and turned away when she saw the camera pointing at her. Or maybe she just wanted to talk to a squirrel in a tree. But I doubt there are any talking squirrels over there. Ah ah!

On the next stand, I saw the coolest things. All of this stuff has no use these days but they are cool memories of the past.


There were old Stereo Hi-Fi Systems and Vinyl Record Players, Old Analogue Phones, Ancient Mechanical Clocks, Sowing Machines, Typewriters, Gramophones, Old Photo and Video Cameras.


These antiques, however, were not cheap at all. Some of these things are considered to be relics, so you need to pay a bit more to get your hands on them.


Check out this Old Phone with a big Marble Base, for instance. How awesome is that?


Since we were just a couple of days ahead of Christmas, there were also stands where you could buy all you needed to finish decorating your house, like Christmas Tree Decorations and Baby Jesus' Mangers.


For moments there I thought this guy was a Steemian participating in the Googly Eyes initiative. Eh eh.


Well, that's all I had time to shoot, before the merchants packed up their things and disassembled their improvised shops.

I hope you have enjoyed this little article. Please leave a comment before you go.

CameraPanasonic Lumix DC-TZ90
LocationVila do Conde - Portugal
Untouched Photos

@trincowski signing out.


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frænk @fraenkJanuary 2019

oooooh... #GooglyEyes :D

I would have loved to see those in a bit more detail :P

Ahahaha. Many thanks for your comment.

dswigle @dswigleJanuary 2019

I really like the overall view of the market and the GIF was especially fun to look at. How interesting that they would sell board games there, I guess because I've never seen an outside Market that carried board games. But that shouldn't surprise me because they carry everything, don't they?

I love these types of markets because most of the things are gently used and I can get a very good price on then. Life doesn't get better than that does it? I love looking through old coins and stamps oh, I will admit that. I am sure that I would I have spent all of my time there. I was laughing at the woman that you said was talking to a squirrel in a tree. LOL

Oh yes! Antiques are useless pieces of yesterday, but sometimes they are very cool being displayed in your house. There is nothing cheap about them ever! A beautiful array of religious decorations and I must say that that was a fun Market to go through. I hope to see more from you because that was fun and you have an interesting town. Thank you so much for participating in Market Friday and I hope to see you again.

Upped and steemed


I wish I could have taken more photos. There were a lot more stands I failed to shoot. 😃

Thanks for your support, @dswigle. I am glad you enjoyed it.

dswigle @dswigleJanuary 2019

I truly did! Thanks for taking us along!

Lots of antiques pieces specially i like that old phone with a big Marble Base.. It's a really cool beautiful piece as a home decor... Interior designer always looking for something different. May be this market is for me.... hahaha...

Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you liked it. 😃

This place is really cool .. Do you know the price range? are they reasonable than normal antique shop?

It varies a lot. You can find stuff starting from 1€ all the way to thousands of €.

Flea-market - блошиный рынок.

Very high quality old things. I like it.

Thanks a lot! 😃

Alenia @lady-idraJanuary 2019

All things are laid out with so much care.
Beautiful, thank you @trincowski.

Yes, they were. Thanks for your visit, @lady-idra.

singa @singaJanuary 2019

Interesting place. I'd walk there for a long time. :-)
Thanks for the photos!
Happy holidays!

Thanks, @singa. I am glad you liked it.

Interesting place! Thank you for great post!

Thanks for your visit, Tais!

ErikaH @erikahJanuary 2019

That's a nice market, I'm sure I would enjoy it, have seen some interesting pieces already 🙂

I wanted to see some more, too. There were some really cheap stuff and other things not so cheap. I asked the price of a 20 page comics and I heard: 4€. Way too much for such a thin book.

Thanks for your comment.

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