Graffiti in Munich #5 - Abandoned Construction Site - A Place With a Thousand Graffiti

Trincowski @trincowskiNovember 2018 · 4 min read

I had this post already planned... and since Graffiti was the theme chosen by @customnature for the Abandoned Shit Weekly Contest - № 25, I've decided to make this... my entry.

After all, you can't find much more Abandoned Stuff than this. There are crates and boxes scattered everywhere, car pieces and even broken toilets.


I've called this an Abandoned Construction Site because that's what it looked like, while I was there. I mean, just look at this... Would you say this was anything other than an abandoned place?


It was only now, while putting up this post together, that I realised this is actually a cultural centre named Bahnwärter Thiel.


"Bahnwärter Thiel" got its name from a story written by in 1988 by Gerhart Hauptmann. Accordingly to Google Books:

Bahnwärter Thiel follows the principles of the Naturalist movement in its detailed study of the life and milieu of a humble and apparently unexceptional Prussian railwayman. Yet in its exploitation of symbolism, of techniques sometimes close to Impressionism, and in its subtle use of a changing narrative perspective, this Novelle goes beyond the essentially 'scientific' Naturalist approach.

And speaking of books, there's plenty of sitting areas to read one, if you want. From the most basic and rudimentary sitting places...


To real chairs and tables...


Chairs and tables like these are found in several spots, from where you can appreciate all the art around you.


If you follow those stairs at the left, you can get to a high ground, from where you have a nice perspective of the place.


Returning to the lower ground, there are more seating areas, right next to the containers which are completely covered with amazing drawings.


What? You thought I was the only crazy person walking around here? Think again.


Here are a few close-ups. I love this Gremlin. So cute, isn't it?


The Blue Dragon above it was rather spectacular, too.


If you prefer to sit at a more unique and original place, you can relax at this crazy old cart.


Here are a few more painted containers.


Here, I have encountered another Street Artist in the middle of his work.


Yes, he noticed I was taking photos... but he couldn't care less. He went back to get another can of spray.


And returned to finish his work.


At this place, everything was painted. Starting with the fences surrounding the area.


Here's a close-up from the above work.


Some more painted fences...


Including this one with a Mickey Mouse drawing which I liked a lot.


And this painted face, which is very expressive and colourful.


The crates by the fences were totally covered in paint, too.


And every little forgotten construction piece also served as a canvas.


This canvas is round? Who cares? Let's paint it, too.


Oh, and here's some kind of boxed compartment. How should it be used for?
You've guessed it: as a canvas.


Here's an abandoned mini-trailer... obviously transformed into art.


To conclude this already long post, I'll leave you with a few more artistic works, found at the walls in and outside this place.




Here's a close-up of the above work.






Finally, there was a bike parking area. Naturally covered with art.


I have a few more Graffiti photos taken at this place... but this post is getting way too long, so I'll leave those for the next part.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos. Please stay tuned for the continuation of the series. Meanwhile, you can take the opportunity to visit the previous parts:

CameraCanon IXUS 210
LocationMunich - Germany
Edited with GIMP


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What an inspirational place! I think the metro chart is screaming for a little cafeteria.


I wouldn't be surprised if people set up their own coffee shops over there. 😊


It's just amazing!


Can I have my house covered with some of this graffiti?? They are so so colorful... Well, my house covered with them? Maybe I wouldn't see much of them...🤔. I wouldn't mind living just across the street though... It is so colorful and fun!

I especially love the Micky mouse, the one on the mini-trailer, the one that the artists is still painting and Gremlin... And more, actually...😊

At first, it really sis looks like an abandoned place, little did I know that it is a hidden gem. Is it that hidden?


The main entrance was closed, as you can see on the third photo. I went in through a hole in a wall. 😂


Ahh.... I thought it was closed so could take the picture and it got opened after that...😀 silly me😂😂

Going through that hole must have been some sort of an adventure..

stef1 @stef1November 2018

It is amazing how just empty abandoned places calling people to do something with this blank spaces. There are some really good Artists who can work with graffiti and the Artworks of them are huge sizes and sometimes so complex. I love to visit such areas and I know in our area some buildings even asked such Artists to make an artwork on their white wall so that it is not spoiled by hooligans. Once it is done and signed by those guys nobody even try to do anything and destroy such Artwork. That is a kind of rule of the free street Artists :)


Yes, you're right. In a way, there's more honour and respect among Street Artists than among some academic circles. 😉

Thanks for your visit, Steffi!


Do I understand correctly that you took this photos in Munich? I'm trying to convince my husband to go there like forever. It's just about 2.5 hours drive from where we live and we haven't been there yet. I've heard that it's such a beautiful city and now when I see that there is this graffiti paradise I can't not go there! :D Oh, I love it! So many different graffiti, murals, colors, shapes, motives,.. amazing! And your photos are great. I also like the short descriptions.

And it's so good to see that you got a nice visit from Curie :) You absolutely deserve it!

Have a lovely day!


Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, all the posts in this series are from Munich. And I am using SteemitWorldMap to mark the exact spots. Just add them to your GPS and you'll find them easily. 😉


There are good graffiti artists in Munich, the place looks a lot like a cultural park in Venezuela called Tiuna el fuerte, which incidentally has a very good graffiti artist called Badsura, has been several times in Greece, Italy and England making pieces.

I like very much your photographs are very descriptive of the things that can be done in the place like reading, reciting poems, or simply admiring the art pieces from the containers <3... secillamente magico y con un aspecto algo punk <3 no reglas pero dentro de ellas.

do graffiti festivals? without a doubt a place that I would like to visit.

thank you for sharing



Great post and congrats on the well deserved curie. BUT...Master Yoda very offended about the green gremlin is! :D


I seriously thought it was a Gremlin. Ahahah. 😝


just wow.. i would prefer to walk here with a burger with extra cheese and drinks and dig into the world of colorful graffitties. spectacular.. world of colors and it


Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Holy cow! this is completely overwhelming. "Naturalist" is not the word that comes to mind though. I am a person who loves to come across graffiti, and I would have a hard time blinking in this place.


I loved it. At first I was scared of going in... But I'm glad I did. 🙃


Yes, definitely worth the look!


So many amazing photos! I love graffiti work, it's one of the more unique and interesting forms of art. Is it vandalism? Is it art? Is it both? These are things we talked about in my English 1101 course back in college.

Here are a few close-ups. I love this Gremlin. So cute, isn't it?

I got a chuckle out of this, because that's definitely Yoda from Star Wars :D

Thanks for sharing!

~ Mako


Ahahah. Now I see it. I honestly thought it was a character from the Gremlins.


I can understand why!

~ Mako