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3 days ago I posted about the Central Market of Riga. In two of the photos from that article, you could see a huge building in the background. That building is the Latvian Academy of Sciences and it's one of those landmarks very useful for tourists, since it's visible from a great distance.


No GPS? No worries! Whenever you feel like you are getting lost, while visiting Riga... just look around and search for this tower.


The building architecture is very interesting and unique... It could easily be mistaken for a church. Just take a good look at the front of the building!


Impressive, isn't it?

There's an observation deck at the top, which I haven't visited. Unfortunately, it was closed due to a holiday season. It was the end of June and - just like we Portuguese - the Latvians and Lithuanians were enjoying the St. John Day. I had a wonderful time there... so missing out on the observation deck didn't bother me a bit! 🙃

The surrounding area was a residential zone and, other than the nearby market, there's not much to do around here. No restaurants, no cafés, only a few public parks to relax and enjoy the views.


These students have a real cool place to study, in my opinion. I wonder if that plays a factor in their learning curve....?

What do you think, are students more or less motivated to take a course in a cool building like this? Or do you think it's irrelevant?

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