Coolys Rocks On. Part #1.

Trudee Hunter @trudeehunterJune 2019 · 4 min read

Coolys Rocks On. Part 1.

The city of Coolangatta on the Gold Coast, Australia has just hosted its yearly, Coolys Rocks On Festival so I thought it was timely to share my visit to this Festival this time last year.


I have to say, it was extremely entertaining and I enjoyed every moment of my time there.


Not very often do pedestrians get to walk down the middle of the busy and popular seaside streets of Coolangatta but once a year, "Coolys Rocks On" festival returns to here to celebrate cars, dancing, music, old-fashioned family fun and heaps of nostalgia.


The main thoroughfare is closed to vehicular traffic (moving that is) whilst the Coolys Rocks On Festival is in full swing. Events include the Show ‘n’ Shine, Poodle Parade, Retro Markets, Dance Championships, Pageants and Parades and of course, Car cruises.


As the name suggests, the 'Coolys Rocks On' Festival features themes from the 50's, 60's and 70's and this very picturesque city of Coolangatta, (which is the southern most suburb of the Gold Coast) becomes a vibrant, fun place to be, as you can see from the images below.


This great festival was established in 2011 and over the years it has evolved to become Australia’s largest Rock ’n’ Roll festival. The mood is nostalgic, exciting, and energetic and it is easy to understand why the Coolys Rocks On Festival has become a signature event for Queenslander's and Australian’s every year.


A combination of outdoor stages are set up for a variety of performances and bands and the dance areas are usually packed with Rock n Roll dancers.

The beachside streetscape is a hive of activity as classic car lovers admire hundreds of beautifully maintained vehicles of every shape, size and colour. It is also a great opportunity to dine in the many fabulous cafes and restaurants in between strolling the streets and taking in the sights.

For instance; check out this hot, red Galaxie 500 with its bonnet open for inspection. You may recognise its famous back seat drivers.


Minnie and Mickey look very happy to be get free rides.



You can tell when an owner is particularly proud of his car. Because, not only does every inch gleam with well buffed perfection, sometimes they display signs giving a select few, permission to actually lean on their pride and joy.


N.B. I didn't qualify to lean on it. 😊

Visitors arrive, dressed in the rock n roll era from their head to their toes. This lady was happy for me to take a couple of photos.


I thought these Coolys Rocks On T/Shirts were very cool. In fact it would be worth being an entrant, just to own one in my opinion.



Some classic's shine with spotless beauty. Others feature a more textured look, like this old Coupe.


She sure is an interesting shape.


The colour mustard is not one I'd choose for a classic car. Actually, come to think of it, it's not a colour I'd choose for anything really. But perhaps one can overlook the (not so hot) mustard shade of this one if they concentrate on the skull and crossbone graphics placed in strategic positions.




Look at the lovely scroll work on the back of 'MY 1953,' VERY Classic!


They even had an old petrol bowser on display.



Now thats a nice shade of blue!


Or if purple is more your colour........



Maybe a more subdued cream shade is more to your liking.


But who doesn't like a red convertible?


But if one tired of looking at cars, and you love the colour pink, here is an interetsing change of scenery. A Marilyn Monroe look-a-like was willing to pose for countless photos.


But she wasn't the only celebrity around. Elvis made an appearance.


I couldn't find his cadillac but this mauve Holden had his name all over it. Admittedly, this was not in the class we would normally associate with him but to its owners, I'm sure it was valued as highly as any vehicle Elvis owned in his day.

There is so much more to show you but too much for one post so I will return with Part #2 soon.





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What a fun time! Thanks for sharing your day at the festival, Trudee. I love seeing the old cars and especially the red convertible. The lady did a good job imitating Marilyn Monroe.

They pack a lot of action in over the few days of the festival and I would have loved to have gone this year too but I had taken quite a few photos from last year which I will post in a part 2 and maybe even part 3 of this event. Thanks for your comments Jo and glad you enjoyed it.

I could say I am not fan of cars, I am not a driver even, but when I see these old cars, well it is another matter. Especially when they are looked after so carefully, this is something I would be happy to see. I will be looking forward to seeing more of the festival and your next post. :-)

Thanks very much for visiting Neli. I think the older cars were a lot more individual than our modern ones and most of the modern cars are mass produced and lack the character of the classic ones.

haha! howdy Trudee! what a fun time there, I see why you love to go to that one! Highly entertaining and educational and you did a great job with the photos. That one gal, the Marilyn look-alike..yeah she wishes! lol. This is such a cool post.

Haha.......This Marilyn Monroe 'wanna-be' was definitely not shy so I hope she got all the attention she was after. 😊 Hopefully, I will get the next years event. One of my friends went this year with her boyfriend and danced until they couldn't dance any longer.

oh I thought it was mostly a classic car show. They had dancing? They had rock'nroll music or something?