Market Friday. 'Cargo Lane.'

Trudee Hunter @trudeehunterMay 2019 · 4 min read

'Cargo Lane.'

Cargo Lane is a magnificent shopping boutique which is situated at The Old butter factory in Doepel Street, Bellingen in New South Wales, Australia.The setting surrounding the Old Butter Factory is very picturesque and it lulls one into a relaxed shopping mindset. I'd like to focus on Cargo lane today, for this week's Market Friday challenge organized by @dswigle is Cargo Lane.

Here is a sneak preview.


The beams in the ceiling are made of concrete and Cargo Lane is located in one of the main areas of the original Old Butter Factory. But let me show you the entrance to this fascinating place which also features a variety of retail outlets plus a cafe with indoor/outdoor settings where visitors can enjoy a coffee, a snack or something more substantial.


The location of the Old Butter factory is an ideal setting for weddings and other similar functions. It has been a regional landmark since the early 1900s, and it has become a vibrant retail community.


The Old Butter Factory Café is one of the largest cafés in the area and is open 7 days a week. They feature daily specials and they also have a full liquor license. The expansive views taking in the Bellingen golf course add to the friendly country vibe.

The Old Butter Factory is known as a unique arts and cultural centre and houses both specialist retailers and rare art. Many of the regions most respected artists have created their artwork here.


I took a peak into the cafe before entering and it looked extremely inviting.


It was cool enough to enjoy the warmth of a log fire indoors. Other interesting venues in this unique shopping village are, Mac's Opals, a Massage Boutique, the Woodcraft Gallery, the AWL Leather Place and the Nexus Gallery which promotes the arts and is the venue for regular exhibitions.


But let me show you around the beautiful Cargo Lane. Both upstairs and downstairs are laden with amazing furnishings and products.


Cultures from around the world are artistically represented in this awesome place.


Originally, the site of the Old Butter Factory was the home of many important and historical creations including market leading businesses and of course the production of dairy produce. It also used to be the base for the largest Model T Ford dealership in the world.

It was known as, Mr. Thomas’ Motor Imporium and it was larger than the super dealerships in America, Asia and Europe. These days, the Butter Factory is known as a unique arts and cultural centre. Many of the regions most respected artists have created their artwork here.


The owners of Cargo Lane have a flare for sourcing interesting furnishings, home and gift wares. Kerry and Simon share backgrounds in interior design which is not surprising to me after browsing their superb boutique.


They have also had experience in the building industry and have combined their skills by working on a variety of projects which include the construction and furnishing of private resorts and executive holiday homes in some of Australia’s most iconic locations.


The idea of opening their own store had been brewing for some time, prior to a space becoming available at The Old Butter Factory. They didn’t waste time taking the plunge by allowing their concept to become a reality. Today, it is a sought after venue for discerning buyers.

Check out the machinery in the background, which is a relic of the Old Butter Factory.


Kerry and Simon are able to combine business with pleasure by travelling regularly to places such as Morocco to purchase products for their store. In 2011 they ventured overseas to assemble their first shipment of stock. They return regularly and enjoy personally selecting pieces to import to Australia. They are constantly on the lookout for standout items and make sure to update their stock often.












Have you ever seen such an interesting, textured mirror frame before? I will leave you with this image and hope you enjoyed being introduced to Cargo lane Boutique.


A few months ago I posted a blog about The Woodcraft Gallery which is situated on the same premises. Their products are well worth viewing, so if you have the time, feel free to take a look. Click here:




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How fascinating, Trudee! @trudeehunter

I love how they have taken old factories and made interesting spaces out of them! They have such unique features and people have become very inventive on how they are used. I can honestly say that I am in awe of the old butter factory! I especially like the cafe and just peeking in those windows shows off a wonderful atmosphere.

The fire looked inviting for sure! So many Galleries and Boutiques in here. A real artisan meeting place! Oh and Cargo Lane is incredible! I had no idea that Model T's were built there! How interesting and I am sure it was a good business deal for all.

Cargo Lane does seem to have some pretty interesting furnishings and It looks like they search all the corners of the earth for it. I can imagine that this would be a sought after piece of property when available!

The piece of lumber or tree actually paired up with an old relic from the factory has a bunch of cool points! You totally left me in awe with your wonderful post! I do remember the woodcraft gallery and it is easy to see why it has a place such as this called home.

An absolutely stunning place and what a wonderful cultural extravaganza for the masses. Thank you for taking the time to photograph and write such a beautiful piece!!

I am grateful to have people like you who put out quality content all the time!

Upped and Steemed



It was worth posting this blog just to receive your great review dear Denise. Thank you so much! I'm just glad we had the time to take in all the interesting Galleries within the Old Butter Factory itself.

I did hesitate to include all the photos (as there were quite a few) but I figure they help to present the overall ambiance of the place better by doing so. I hope you are having a great week. 💟


What a marvelous place! And it is so nice to know that owners keep their excellent work. It looks not just a landmark but a kind of a small cultural center for the community, with a special spirit.
Thank you so much for taking time to compose this post, photographs are also amazing!


Thank you @zirochka for your very encouraging comments. Glad you liked it.


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Thank you @travelfeed and @elsaenroute for the upvote and resteem.


Quite extraordinary with so many interesting objects.
I love the photos with the mrrors. And the mirror with that unique frame. :-)


Thank you Neli for your comments and interest in Cargo Lane, I agree, the mirrors were a lovely feature.


Thats a place I would love to visit it has such a charm to it even with a wood burning fire how cool is that and the selection of art is amazing


Thank you JJ for your comments. We certainly enjoyed our visit there.


My pleasure to visit 😎👍😎


What a beautiful colorful cozy place to be shopping so many beautiful items i especially love that blue sofa with the pineapple lady pillows that looks so warm and tropical a great selection of photos well done my friend :)


Thank you for browsing cargo lane markets and sharing your appreciation. They do have some unique products and I enjoyed visiting it myself.


My pleasure indeed they really have some great stuff :)


Howdy Trudee! wow what a fantastic store! Everything is so unique, I love that place! Remind me of it again when steem hits $100!


Wow that's such an interesting space full of neat things! I could spend a whole day there


Many thanks for your kind visit Adam And you are quite needs a decent amount of time to make the most of this visit. Have an awesome weekend. 💐