Mt. Tamborine. Part 2.

Trudee Hunter @trudeehunterFebruary 2019 · 4 min read

Mt. Tamborine. Part 2.

(This post is the third in a series about Mt. Tamborine. Here are the first two if you'd like to have a browse:)

No #1.
No #2:

Mt Tamborine is situated approximately 60 kilomteres from Brisbane and it sits on the edge of the escarpment behind the Gold Coast. Tamborine Mountain is a unique geological phenomenon due to the fact that it occurred as a result of a lava flow from nearby Mount Warning.

The plateau that it rests on is 550m above sea level and is 4 km wide by 8 km long. Its subtropical climate is appealing to many and usually receives a good yearly rainfall which is ideal for flora and fauna particularly when you combine the rich volcanic soil into the equation. Town water is not available therefore tanks are essential but sub-surface water can be accessed.

The German Cuckoo Clock Nest (below) has specialized in German Clocks for more than thirty years. Their expertise and their team of employers have helped this business become very successful as they produce quality products and great service to their customers.


The history of Black Forest cuckoo clock goes back to the early 1600s, but modern German clockmaker's combine the skills of the old with more modern techniques which produces a product to suit every taste and preference.

Included in their wide range of cuckoo clocks are stately grandfather-style clocks and their display shows various times on their clocks so that the cuckoo clocks will perform at different times throughout the day.


Their thank you sign is very innovative and it is just one example of the artistic talent in this area.


Here is another example. A rusty cow greets the mail man every day with a cherry smile. (Although he told me he gets bad indigestion when he's forced to swallow bills.)


A very cute possum clings to an artificial tree trunk beneath a letter box. He also looks forward to the mail man and loves to chat with visitors as they pass by.


Al Fresco dining is a popular feature all along the Gallery Walk.


The variety of waterfalls nearby include Cedar Creek Falls, Cameron Falls and Witches Falls and many lookouts provide great viewing towards the Gold Coast and Canungra.


Tambourine Botanic Gardens spread over a nine hectare area and are situated on Forsythia Drive, Eagle Heights. They are open 24 hours a day and garden lovers enjoy the fact that entry is free.


Hikers have the choice of nine National parks in the vicinity and walking tracks extend through superb subtropical rainforests, many with convenient picnic and BBQ facilities available for the public.




It's a pity it wasn't cold enough for me to make the most of the log fire whilst enjoying coffee and cake at the Gift Shop. I love warming up close to an open fire. It is one of life's great pleasures. A winter visit has now been programmed into my memory bank.


Fertile soils support diverse horticulture and quality avocado, kiwifruit and macadamia nuts are produced commercially. The wide range of wildlife who habitat this area include; Lorikeets, Lyrebirds, Platypus, Scrub Turkeys and Wallabies.



This white lacy umbrella caught my attention as it hung between the palm trees. It would obviously not be very effective on rainy days but it did make a very attractive feature for this garden.



One of tbhe many things I love about Mt Tambourine is the fact that it doesn’t experience the wearying heat and humidity that much of Queensland experiences during the summer months and their winters are inclined to be cooler which is another plus for me.


A number of wine tours are available throughout the region with some offering their produce as samples. Regular markets are also held at the local showgrounds.


Glorious views are part of Mt. Tambourines attractions and are enjoyed on both sides of the ranges. Beautiful rain forests, babbling brooks and fabulous waterfalls are a few of natures treats in the area.

I will let you gaze out into the distance from Rotary Lookout as we say, "Good-Bye" to Mt. Tamborine.





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nasty13 @nasty13February 2019

It was very interesting to read. Insanely beautiful views, I want to go there.


Thanks very much for your kind visit and wonderful comments. Greatly appreciated.
🌷 🌼 🌷


When I see palm trees, my heart sings and your photography makes me feel like I am right among them Trudee. Well, this whole place is absolutely dreamy 🌴💙🌴


Thanks so much for your wonderful comments Lena. Glad you liked viewing this post. Have an awesome day!


Spot on processing Trudee. The picture of "No 145", inside of the restaurant and the lookout are my favs.

Hope you didn't get blown off the mountain....boy it was windy last few days!


Sorry for the late reply Terry. We have had some very windy days haven't we? Thankfully these images were taken on a beautiful autumn day earlier in the year. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks a lot for your welcome support.

Jonboy @jantonFebruary 2019

Howdy there Trudee! wow I really like that place, it would be great to live there. The humidity is not high because of it's elevation? You didn't go into the famous clock shop? I want to see some of those clocks. Can you go back please? lol. and pick up some of that delicous wine while you're at it, I bet it's organic!


I'd happily live at Mt Tamborine. 😊 The elevated position attracts more rainfall so that would reduce the humidity. Very sorry to disappoint you about not taking a closer look at the Cockoo Clock as our time was limited that day.......but next time, I will make a point of going inside to see what their range is like and ask them if they'd mind me taking some photos for my friend from Texas.

Jonboy @jantonFebruary 2019

haha! well if you ask it that way and they here the word Texas I'm sure they'll give you the red carpet treatment! just teasing of course, they'll probably say "Those bloody Yanks!" and throw you out. lol.
Have you ever met anyone who did not like the U.S.? Everyone here loves Australia. Because those Koala bears are so cute!

I have a real liking for clocks and especially the hand carved ones and Cockoo Clocks. At one time I serious thought of becoming a horologist, which is a clock repairman. I even had one in Lexington, Kentucky offer to train and teach me because he had a successful business but was old and his health was bad.
Looking back I should have tried it.


Well, actually I think they'd roll out the red, blue and white carpet for my esteemed Texan friend. I'd love to visit the U.S one day but my bucket list is extremely long. 😁

I wrote a blog about cuckoo clocks about 3 months ago so will leave you with the link if you have time to check that out.

How interesting that you have a passion for clocks. I'd never heard of a horologist. The things you learn in steemit! ⏰ ⌚ ⏱️ ⏲️ 🕰️

Jonboy @jantonFebruary 2019

haha! speaking of time, what time is it there anyway, is it the middle of the night there? I've never gotten a handle on the time differences. But yes indeed, a Horologist. I almost became one just so I could tell people that I was a horologist and look at there expressions! lol.

I looked it up just now for fun. Horologist: One who practices or is skilled in horology. lol.

here is another: An horologist is someone who specializes in horology, the study of timekeeping devices such as clocks, chronometers, and watches.

But, I was thnking about trying to become an antiquarian horologist, specializing in antique clocks. The way I met him was taking a beautiful antique French mantel clock to him for repair.

Thanks for that link, I'm going to save it as soon as I send this.
What is your bucket list anyway? I don't even have one.


I'd much rather you be a horologist than a horror-oligist 😀 😀 😀 And my bucket list is overflowing and the handle has fallen off it with the weight of all those unfulfilled dreams. Not really.....but it does sound dramatic doesn't it?

Jonboy @jantonFebruary 2019

haha! Yes that was very dramatic! So do you have at least a small one?