Ulog #7 'Cruising With Radiance.' Part 3.

Trudee Hunter @trudeehunterNovember 2018 · 4 min read

'Cruising With Radiance.' Part 3.

This time last year I was enjoying the anticipation of our nine day Australian cruise. I'm now enjoying the memories of that nine day cruise and I look forward to sharing Part 3 of this adventure. If you missed part 1 & 2, I have included them at the bottom of this blog for you to view.

Radiance of the Seas! Oh what a beautiful ship it is. This luxurious floating hotel is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International and she is the flagship of the Radiance class which also includes, MS Jewel of the Seas, MS Brilliance of the Seas and MS Serenade of the Seas.


Radiance was the first ship to feature pool tables stabilized by a computer controlled gytoscope. The benefit of this technology is to keep the table top level with the horizon. This ensures an even playing field for pool players so if one misses their shot, they cannot blame the ship. (lol) Other features are a mini golf course, multiple pools, a rock climbing wall a water slide and the choice of 10 dining areas.


After enjoying our first meal onboard, there was still time to have a look around before Muster which is a 'must' for all passengers. I took photos from every part of the top deck, happy that the weather was fine and the skies were clear.


Pre dinner cocktails were being served at a restaurant adjacent to the ship. I only had to wait a couple more hours before sipping one of my own when we sail out of the very picturesque Sydney Harbour.


Families weren't waiting until the ship sailed before diving into the swimming pools or relaxing in the spa pools.


After spending some time on the top deck, decided to check out the interior of the ship. Here are a few of the classy wall art features.



I didn't expect to see an aqua coloured phone from a by-gone era as part of the decor. What a novelty it must seem to the younger generation.


And look at this old fashioned typewriter. I'm sure she was responsible for telling an interesting tale or two in her time.


My meanderings came to an abrupt end when the call to gather for The Muster was broadcast. No-one is allowed to skip this proceedure, nor should they, because as history tells us, ships can run aground or be buffeted about by cyclones or hit submerged icebergs and sink.........not that this was likely around the coast of Australia. We all need to know what to do in the event of a disaster.


With the Muster done and dusted, it was time to meet up with our friends, save ourselves a good vantage point for photos and catching the best views as the ship began her journey. Now the real fun starts.


Cheers everyone!


Oh No! It looks as if we have a stowaway......of the feathered kind.


On second thoughts, I think this seagull has been trained by the staff of Radiance of the Seas to come and wish us an enjoyable cruise. How cool is that? He was getting the third degree by my fellow passenger with the sunglasses, But I guess she doesn't know 'bird language' like I do.


Well, perhaps I need to brush up on my 'bird lingo' because it appears that Jonathan (Living Seagull) is more interested in having a sip of my husband's lemonade than ensuring we all have a great cruise.


The light is fading and finally, the ship begins to move. Everyone is taking happy snaps and the excited atmosphere rises another couple of notches.


Soon the photographers become silhouettes and the sky lights up and provides the most stunning views of Sydney Harbour as we say our Good-Byes.


The unique shell topped roof of the iconic Sydney Opera House looks remarkable with the vibrant sunset highlighting her features.


The Sydney harbour Bridge becomes a most recognizable silhouette as the skies light a pink orange flame behind it.


And one of the last things we see before going inside to celebrate this cruise with our freinds is the churning, swirling wake of the Radiance of the Seas. I hope you will return to enjoy Part 4 of our cruise. Until then, Good Night and Bon Voyage!


Here is Part 1:

Here is Part 2:


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Thanks for sharing this fantastic cruise, Trudee @trudeehunter. Great memories from a wonderful nine days. The views were remarkable with the sunsets in the background. Loved seeing the seagull making a cameo. U &R 😊


Thank you dear Jo. It was an action packed nine days and we enjoyed every minute of it. Jonathan enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame too,.


Sensational views you have just taken me home again it is most definitely got to be one of the most beautifully harbor in the world what a view to sail away with and i hope to taught that seagull some manners with your bird lingo...haha :)


I have to agree with you @hangin Sydney Harobour is very picturesque. I didn't have to say much to Jonathan.......one look at that other passengers frown gave him the message. (lol) I'm glad you enjoyed the blog and I'm more than happy to take you home every now and then. Much cheaper than Qantas too. (:


Yep that passengers look certainly gave him the message and thanks most definitely cheaper then Qantas bought to me right into my lounge room front seat...thank you have a great weekend :)


You too @hangin Thank you.

Remy @guchtereNovember 2018

Looks like you had an amazing cruise @trudeehunter during these 9 days out on the sea. Did Jonathan companion you for the duration of the whole trip, or waited he till the glass was emptied by your husband? Looking forward to your next part of this adventure. Keep on traveling!


Hello @guchtere Many thanks the kind curation for this blog. Frankly, I forgot all about Jonathan once the ship started sailing out of the harbour, and I am assuming my husband didn't have to share too much of his lemonade with our feathered passenger. (lol)

I'd love to keep travelling (overseas) as it is one of my passions, so I keep those dreams alive. Thankfully, I have many opportunities to do local travels around Australia but mainly Queensland where I live. I hope you enjoy my next Radiance Cruise blog. Have a great day.


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Thanks very much @travelfeed and @guchtere for your generous upvote and resteem. It is greatly appreciated.

Neli @nelinoevaNovember 2018

I hardly would miss the next part. I cannot describe how much I like reading your post and I feel like I was on board with you. The photos are stunning. Oh boy, those antiques - the telephone and typewriter are such a surprise to see.


Oh, that is very pleasing to hear @nelinoeva Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and for the kind and very unexpected tip. I think I will probably have about three more blogs to do about the cruise without adding the place we visited and I hope you will enjoy those too.

Neli @nelinoevaNovember 2018

My pleasure Trudee,. 😀