Admiring the Cathedral of San Bavón-Ghent Cathedral- Belgium.

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San Bavón

Hello friends
Today we walk through this beautiful cathedral.
Located in Ghent a beautiful and quiet city.
The cathedral is Gothic and is built on top of an old chapel of San Juan Bautista.
Immediately we are struck by its proud tower looking at the cloudy and rainy sky with its five heights.

It is a quiet and beautiful cathedral, its works of art are impressive.
Only with seeing her pulpit you fall in love.
So much beauty in neither space
Saints, angels, creepers that run through the pulpit and as not small angels.
All in pristine white marble and black wood that highlights the figures.

The golden cross and the spiral staircase.
All wrapped in silence and meditation.
His ornate Rococo style but that the artist Laurent Delvaux, recreated with all its details.

What strikes me most are its statues.
Full of mystic power.
Holy Virgins and some celebrated man.
In marble, they are statues but if you squint your eyes, you can almost feel them rise from their immobility and come out to tell you their story themselves.
Realism is total, feelings are perceived.

More than a cathedral, it looks like a museum surrounded by beauty for all its pates.
I would spend hours observing and admiring the textures and the delicacy of its lines.

Its small but hung organ is a delight, so delicate
We can also see the stained glass windows, with their infinite colors and the light of a gray and rainy day.
That you do not get to appreciate like when the sun goes through them.
All this and much more you can enjoy just sitting on a bench and let the minutes pass, all this calls you and you will appreciate many more things than a poor visitor, who wants his time to admire everything, something at odds with the admiration he deserves this cathedral.
I missed many things, things that I hope to appreciate on another trip, with more years and more calm.

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Beautiful photograph....well done dear friend...


Hello thank you very much


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